Was initially hesitant about paying close to $10 for jazzed up instant noodles but decided to try it just for the hype. The soup is a bit too oily for my liking but very flavourful and I think they cook with actual tom yam and not just the seasoning packet from the maggie mee. Generous with ingredients too and I like how the sourness and spicy level is customisable - went for level 2 for both and it was just nice. Had a bit of stomach upset the next day though as haven’t eaten oily food in a while haha

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Ayam buah keluak set meal for $15, comes with chap chye, bakwan kepiting and sambal egg. A bit pricy but quality is good and portion size decent.

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Waffles thick and crispy. Berry yogurt flavoured ice cream not too sweet. Medley of flavours and textures with crunchy granola too

Fav eggs Benny in SG! A must order here. Love the onion/mushroom hash they put at the bottom of the eggs. Poached eggs are cooked to perfection and hollandaise sauce is the bomb with the perfect balance of creaminess and acidity. I also like how they don’t smother everything in hollandaise sauce as each component of the eggs ben is good enough on its own

Hands down my favourite place for western style brunch in SG. Though everything here is super pricy and as such the last time we came was pre covid. Cafe reminds me of Melbourne. Scrambled eggs beautifully cooked, smooth and creamy, not too watery or lumpy.

Coffee somewhat made up for the sad brunch though it was served at close to room temperature

The eggs were hard boiled :( Portion of smoked salmon was very small and bread was rock hard. Bit of a disappointment considering I paid $16 for this. May be better off sticking to their baked goods and coffee and avoiding the brunch items :/

Couldn’t really taste this on that day cause my nose was blocked but the people I came with said the ice cream really tasted like carrot cake and went well with the espresso. Think there’s also some sort of cream cheese at the bottom

Got this for free one day as a nice sponsor gifted these to my workplace. Oh m gee this is so good. Can’t decide whether I like their white magic or this more haha

Always my go to order at chi cha. Rarely drink BBT nowadays but if I have a craving for it, especially if it’s for a milky kind of BBT, it’s usually for this drink specifically. I really like BBTs with a strong tea taste like the ones at chi cha. The oolong has a pleasant and smoky aroma. I also like how they don’t make their tea too milky. Pearls are on the softer side but taste good. Instagram worthy packaging and I like how you can observe them brewing tea at some outlets like this one.

This was the bomb. I’m not sure what kind of sauce they used but it was so good