Every dish at Shu Yan Sichuan Cuisine tells a flavourful tale. Enjoy 1-for-1 on mains and dim sum/noodles/rice with Burpple Beyond.

Picture their chef’s recommendation, Hot Stone Tofu: velvety tofu drenched in a savoury sauce and topped with a vibrant blend of green and red chillies. Ready to savour flavours that speak for themselves? Bring your family there for a meal today!

Ever wondered where to find seafood so fresh it’s straight from the tank? Chengdu Ziwei Grilled Fish has you covered with their tank-to-table concept.

Dive into a delightful 1-for-1 deal on their Grilled Fish with Burpple Beyond. Each bite promises tender, spice-infused perfection. Plus, don’t miss their 1-for-1 snacks like Cool Rice Flour Jelly, Sichuan Ice Jelly, and hearty Vegetable Congee to enjoy alongside their delectable Grilled Fish.

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Up for some spicy goodness to liven up your day? Swing by Banjara Restaurant for a taste of authentic and mouthwatering Indian dishes!

Make the most of their 1-for-1 main dish deal with Burpple Beyond. Explore a spectrum of curry dishes, each in boasting a burst of delicious flavours, and pair it with rice or dip your naan in it for a fulfilling meal!

In search of a family-friendly spot with delicious and hearty meals? Kei Kaisendon at Great World City has you covered with their Burpple Beyond Set for 2.

Delight in two main dishes of your choice, four sticks of yakitori, two bowls of comforting clam miso soup, and two cups of refreshing green tea. For the mains, try their Kei Signature Kaisendon—rice crowned with fresh sashimi and ikura.

What are you waiting for? Feast with your family for half the price today!

Use Burpple Beyond and experience the flavours of Mavi Restaurant and Grill, a Neapolitan gem offering an enticing 1-for-1 deal on Main dishes, Main with Soup, Main with Dessert, or Main with a Drink.

Dig into their mains like the Shish Kebab, the chicken is exquisitely marinated with aromatic herbs and spices, then grilled to perfection for that irresistible smokiness. Each plate comes with fragrant rice, crisp vegetables, and a side of fluffy flatbread.

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Pop by Alchemy Bistro after work to relax and have some fun with friends. With Burpple Beyond, enjoy 30% off for 2 Cocktails, 30% off for 2 Whisky bottles, or 20% off any Bar Snacks.

For a delightful pairing, snack on their Charcuterie Board boasting flavourful Salami and Pepperoni, a selection of 2 Cheeses, tangy Gherkins, and a medley of Mixed Nuts. It offers a perfect balance of textures and savoury richness that enhances the flavours of your chosen beverage.

Try it out for yourself!

Savor YuYu Suan Cai Yu's delightful fish soup with Burpple Beyond's Set deals! Choose from a variety of flavors like Yuyu Original Fish, Tomato Fish, or, for a spicy kick, try the Signature Green Pepper Suan Cai Fish or Hot and Spicy Mala Shui Zhu Fish!

For just $16.90, you will get a Main, Cucumber Salad, Fried Chicken Drumlets, and Ice Lemon Tea. Bring a friend and enjoy the Burpple Set for 2 at $33.90, which includes 2 Mains, Cucumber Salad, Fried Chicken Drumlets, Fried Glutinous Rice Cakes, and 2 Ice Lemon Tea.

Musketeers Coffee is brewing up more than just a great deal with their Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Beverage deal — they serve up some seriously impressive coffee too!

Catch up over steaming cups of expertly brewed coffee in their cozy, brightly lit space. It's the kind of place where you can unwind, chat away, all while soaking in the aromatic coffee-filled air.

Keep your bellies full and satisfied with Cafe Lodge’s $48+ Set Menu for 2!

Experience Burpple Beyond’s $48+ Burpple Set Menu deal for two: indulge in starters (salad/soup of the day), your choice of main course (beef/chicken/fish), dessert (gelato/dessert of the day), and a drink, all for a steal!

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Dine amidst lush greenery at Burp Kitchen & Bar in Bishan Park.

With Burpple Beyond’s 1-For-1 Pasta + Drink deal, savour their Truffle Mushroom Carbonara—a delectable combination of creamy, fragrant truffle sauce and juicy, flavourful mushrooms—and pick from their exquisite beverage selection!

Head down to Butter & Spice for their $49.90 Burpple Set on Burpple Beyond which includes 2 mains of choice (from lamb, seafood, egg, chicken, and vegetable categories) along with 2 beers.

Feast on authentic North Indian cuisine like their Butter Chicken, a rich and creamy dish bursting with flavours. Dip their garlic and butter naan into that sweet and spicy gravy and wash it down with a cold refreshing beer.

Looking for value-for-money Japanese food in town? Use Burpple Beyond at Tora-San in The Centrepoint, where the Koji Burpple Set for 2 offers an unbeatable deal!

This satisfying set meal includes 2 mains of choice, 4 pieces of perfectly grilled yakitori and 2 cups of Japanese green tea. Go for the Tora-Kaisen San Regular, which comes with a mountain of fish, scallops and octopus. Each bite is a testament to the quality and freshness, making the bowl an exquisite delight for seafood lovers.

Bonus! If you opt for a cooked main rather than one with raw fish, you'll also be treated to a silky smooth chawanmushi!