The after dinner snack for most locals. Creamy texture, mozzarella cheese liked fibers. Taste good and always leaves you with a breath of memories the very next day.

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Savour it alone. Precaution: If you are sharing, stop talking and taking pictures. Its gone before you know it!

Chill. Firm. Sweet. You can bite it off in chunks. Thats the star player of the restaurant, it can't go wrong. Dip in the sweet plum sauce for additional sweetness.


If you are the one who can't miss out on hipster cafes, Craftsmen would be the place of your choice to chill especially with its industrial theme. If the orange cups look similar, that's because they are affiliated to Dutch Colony Coffee from Pasarbella. Not really a fan of their rather light-bodied coffee but it definitely has the potential of being an uprising cafe.

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Light, fluffy and airy waffles with a crispy exterior and a bread-like taste as they used yeast in their recipe for that fluffiness. Cheesecake gelato was slightly jelak to finish for one, but dab it on the waffle with each slice cut and it becomes a luxurious dessert to have.

Previously an old provision shop, Tian Kee is now a lovely cafe that amazingly retains nostalgia in the idyllic Dakota neighborhood. Complete with familiar toys, a kiddy ride outside that still works and no air con, this might just be the perfect spot to relax (until the crowd fills it up). Coffee is light, beans sourced by Dutch Colony, and the cakes are elegant. GO, before it's too late!

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