Forming the base was Brother Bird's iconic chewy mochi rice donut. Served warm after just being fried, it was squiggled with loads of chestnut cream and feathered with crunchy cornflakes that had an addictive buttery saltiness. A generous swirl of creamy matcha soft serve (made in-house) crowned this divine creation. I also like that it's big enough to share between two people.

It seems Brother Bird has about 10 flavours of soft serve in total, and will be rolling out a couple of them each time. I think it's exciting to have a series of new soft serve concoctions to look forward to. Yay!


First had this at Paddy Hills but I've gotta say that CP does it better. For starters the berries are fresher. The cake centre is more moist and I like the fact that you control the amount of syrup you needed. PH's version did use pine nuts though (vs sunflower seeds for CP's)

Feeds at least 2 pax. My valiant attempts to finish this failed :-/

Interesting combination but the tom yum paste reminds me of Hae Bee Hiam (Spicy Dried Shrimps Sambal) instead. There is an option to add chicken floss too.
I prefer their buttery Golden toast than their savoury tom yum version. And yes, I like their Thai Milk Tea too. Not too sweet and smooth on the palate.

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The green curry ain't in paste but innovated into the mayo cream in powder without being spotted at sight. Brilliant work by Chef David Myers. Yum! #adriftbyDavidMyers #mbs #sgfood #celebrityrestaurant


Grilled delightfully with really soft meat with charred bits scattered on the surface of the skin. It tastes good in general. #adriftbyDavidMyers #mbs #sgfood #celebrityrestaurant


My favorite choice over the 4 mains #adriftbyDavidMyers #mbs #sgfood #celebrityrestaurant


It's one of the gooey chocolate mousse pot with chilly creaminess #adriftbyDavidMyers #mbs #sgfood #celebrityrestaurant


This has been the best dish of the night. The chicken was baby tender with the marinates just right. We asked for a second order but the taste was not consistent, it arrived sweeter in the repeated round. #longchim #chefdavidthompson #mbs