Delicious falafels with hints of cumin and coriander on a bed of tahini sauce. The salad is fresh too and the service is often brisk

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Hui Wei Chilli Pan Mee is not for the faint hearted or weak stomached, the auntie puts a small dollop of her dark chilly which seems unintimidating at first but proceeds to sear your tastebuds off. The $6 portion comes with minced meat, meatball, fuzhou fishballs and an egg with a pool of dark sweet sauce below.

Both the food and experience here are fresh. Loved everything, you get spectacular interesting flavours here. Tangy CRC Salmon, Creamy Goma with a crunch, Miso Butter baby corn that makes you rethink this vegetable and crunchy velvet wakame.

Mega props to the friendly staff too for making the experience all the more enjoyable.

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This was. Caramelised sugar shud be golden brown & crisp. This was. Vibrant looking & entices you to eat it. This was😄. Btw..this cafe has natural lighting. Great for snapping pix n chill-laxing. #dessertlovers #dessert #cremebrulee #i8mondays #8dayseat #hungrygowhere #stfoodtrending #openricesg #burrple #sgfoodies #bloggersg #igsg#singaporeinsiders #cafesg #instafollow #islandcafe

First post on burpple! Went to Fat Cow for lunch, and the charcoal grilled wagyu don was indeed a $45++ well spent. Each beef slice laced with hint of truffled shoyu and the runny onsen egg on wagyu sauce drizzled rice was a perfect touch 💯 (lunch set came with crab meat chawanmushi, salad, miso soup and scoop of honeycomb ice cream)