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Location: 71 Seng Poh Rd
Cost: $6+ (forget the exact price but
ard $6.5-7.5)

Description: Chocolate is rich in flavour
Just melt in your mouth. A good selection for dessert to have after meals

Venue: Aqueen Hotel, level 2
Cost: Buffet Meal w free flow soups & ice-cream

Overall, the food is 😋 tasty. There is not much variety for the ice cream. In general, for the price of a buffet! I will recommend to try as is not expensive meal to get.

Venue: Kinex (Last time One KM mall)
Cost: $16
Description: Is wasabi portion is just right with for the sauce cooked together with the pasta 🍝
Salmon is well cooked with the seaweed nicely place on top

Venue: Chijmes
Cost: $13.90
Description: The soup base is not too salty & with the combi of ramen & the soup base. Is just right. And the Cha Shu slice perfectly w the ramen 👍🏻

Good pick & a choice to consider when you visit.


Venue: Chijmes
Cost: Average $5.80/ pc
Description: The cake are generally not too sweet. They are both recommended to try as overall is the sesame cake is unique & melt in your mouth :)

Venue: SMU
Cost: $5.90 with drinks
The curry is really good with the onsen egg that is just nice :) Mixed with the salmon and braised tofu. Is the right food to choice for lunch or dinner. Affordable & Tasty

Venue: Shaw center, level 2
Cost: $10/pc cake
Drink: $8 for melon & rose cold brew
For the drink, is not sweet. It has a very nice bland w the rose aroma at the end.

The ambience is quite n a good place to chill.

Venue: Chijmes
Food, Price: Matcha Houjicha Latte Ice Blend, $6
Matcha Houjicha Milk Tea, $5.80
Matcha Azuki Cake, $5

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Venue: Westgate, Level 4
Price: $14.90

Stir fry Rice Cake w Spicy Sauce. The sauce is sweet and not too spicy :) It makes you want to eat one after another.

The normal seaweed roll is wrap w meat & deep fried. BUT for this is wrap with vermicelli 😋

The dumpling is also not too oily

Lastly, the sushi roll is all vegetables such as carrot, prickles, chicken ham and etc :)

Must try & less crowded 😋


Venue: SingPost, level 2
Price: $9.90+

Description: Salmon is fresh & tasty.
The sides besides is the best combi to eat with.
Tomatoes, Egg, Jap Cucumber, Prickles.