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Price: $5.90
Description: Chicken is tender & the soft boil egg well cook.

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Price: $5.90
Store: Tenki Izakaya
Description: The sauce for the pork is fantastic and the soft boil egg is well cook. The combination are all proper done 😋

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Price: $6/6.50 (forgotten the price)
Nice cup of coffee w a minty taste 😋 Refreshing hot cup of coffee to chill w friends/family.
Recommend to try their latte 👍🏻

Price: $2/pc for 6pcs
Description: Eat while is hot, the Baguette is crispy from the outside & the egg tart is soft & tasty 😋

Price: $8.50
Description: Is Mao Shan Wa g Durian w Gula Melaka, topping w lightly salted macadamia bits

Price: $12
Description: Is layers of authentic Mao Shao Wang w vanilla sponge.

Price: $8/9 forget the price...
Description: Freshly sliced salmon belly nicely bedded w ice

Description: Seared Chicken Breast, Chunky Tomato Sauce, Garlic ciabatta croutons, wilted spinach, Slow roasted Roma, mozzarella & grilled lemon

Price: $32
Description: Tomato, Oregano, Mozzarella, Parmesan, crab, squids mussels, wine

Price: $9.90
Description: YuZu sauce, sweet tasty n refreshing w fresh salmon, tomato, onions and lettuces

Venue: Bugis Plus, Level 1
Price: $18.90
Description: Soft Boil Egg w nicely done slices beef and assorted vegetables soak in sweet and savoury soy sauce base 😋