Shrimp paste chicken was very tasty but small portions. The pulled pork knuckle sliders was great for a small meal and it was tender and juicy. Great atmosphere rockin' to 90's music.

The burger bread was soft and doughy, just how I like it. The fried crispy chicken fillet was okay. Wasn't too crazy about the fries because I personally like soft and 'lembek' fries.. And these were too crisp!


This is really yummy and addictive and earns a spot in my must try dessert list. It's flavorful yet not awfully sweet in the ice kacang way. The bingsu has milky ice shaving. Perfect to share with your partner.

We were put off by the long queues but we eventually gave in to the heavenly fried chicken aromas from this restaurant. The fried chicken was a close fight with Bon Chon and I like that they had plastic gloves and utensils that were thought through to provide a yummy grease-free experience!

This is one of the best cakes I've eaten. It's also being distributed to Tampopo and other eateries.

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Miss this street snack in HK. This store has up to 6 different flavours to choose from. We chose the yummy cheese flavour.

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We had the opportunity to try out Menya's lunch hour promotion at JP. It was for the cha Shu ramen and chose spicy broth. Simple yet delicious.

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Cool weather coupled with loud music from the jackpot machines, one can find serenity in the hot tea and piping hot dim sum at Good Friends Restaurant. Delicious and makes me miss HK dim sum !

Pulled pork burger although small was satisfying. Salmon and egg toast was incredibly filling! Great coffee

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Just awesome and filling. For a hungry soul or for 2 to share. Not to forget the truffle fries.. Must have!

Tsukada Nojo is constantly packed with people flocking here for the famed Bijin Nabe collagen hot pot ($25/pax, min 2 pax). This "Beauty Pot" contains vegetables, seafood, and chicken in a collagen-rich chicken soup. This incredibly flavorful soup is made from the high-quality Jidori chickens from Japan. Don't be alarmed by the bowl of silky white collagen pudding that arrives, simply watch it melt into the broth and impart its goodness. Expect fantastic service and a seriously tasty soup that you can't stop drinking. This meal will leave you feeling nourished and fully satisfied, just be prepared to put your name down for dinner early!