This is a really bad picture of one of my favorite Aburi Shimesaba-s. So good!

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Iberico Pork Jowl with an onsen egg and salad greens ($12). The pork was wonderfully smoky with an almost crunchy texture. I found the salad quite small but really enjoyed the pork and egg!

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I ordered the Aburi Chirashi Don for $30 and it was really yummy!! Thick chunks of aburi-ed salmon, tuna, eel, egg with tasty seasoned rice and tobiko. Hearts!

This is a yummy tom yum noodle soup. You get a creamy tom yum with fish slices and 3 big fresh prawns for $5!

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I really enjoyed this Aijtama Shoyu Ramen ($14.90) It had a light umami-ness which I liked; it was well balanced and not too salty. The noodles were just nice as well. I wished the char siew was softer, and bamboo shoots crunchier, but these are just my preferences ^^

A small place tucked away on the second level of tanjong pagar plaza serving fresh and tasty $5 and below banh mi. The baguette I got for my Bami Saigon ($5) was so crisp, it was like snowing bread flakes all over me. Great find in cbd!

This stall is tucked away in an inconspicuous corner, and I ordered from it because it was one of the stalls still open at night. I was super impressed by its pad thai. It's really good. The noodles were chewy, super flavourful, and it's only $4.


Salad base, 1 carb, 1 protein (meat), 5 toppings for just $6. Garden bowl doesn't serve just a basic salad, the toppings and sauces are really good.

Great tasting broth, noodles done just nice. I really like the garlic flakes you can add in. For $6.80, it's great value for a good bowl of ramen.

I liked the neck and thigh ($15). The comb was pretty memorable, because I liked the texture more than I expected. Really yummy but quite costly.

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I ordered the char siew noodles for $4 and added on soya sauce chicken for $2. I was surprised with the amount of meat! The soya chicken was yummy and I really liked the char siew. Really good value for $6