A healthy Sunday brunch after church @ Queen St. Lovely on a cool morn!

One of the best crumble and pairing of apple n rhubarb! Very refreshing and dessert to pair with a cuppa hot matcha.

This Christmas Special has Damon quiche, pork stew, creamy meat balls, salad and soup. So yummy! Always nutritious and heart warming in Muji cafe.

Very lovely, heartwarming wontons for a Sunday brunch with family.

This was disappointing - almost not fully cooke. The saving grace was the chocolate topping.

It was more Ma than La and overall a good dish if u like something with a kick!

It was easy to reserve via Chope from Burpple app. Had to try this $32 burger and it was juicy & delicious! Loved the 3 onion rings stacked on the burger.

A Shared Platter for $52 - worth it and tender juicy chicken paired with great sides! A lovely Sunday lunch after church with family!

The wait was long since it’s freshly made and toasted. It was definitely worth the wait! Soooo gooooood! Great pieces of flavourful grilled pork.