Been so long since we had Tim Horton’s (in Vancouver). Didn’t have the usual of chilli bowl, muffins etc but hopefully one day soon! Yummy melts!

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Simple heart warming bowl of beef noodle soup on a cool rainy morning! Purrrfect!

We ordered mutton biryani, coin pratas & butter chicken. Everything was so good!

Very decent lunch just salmon with lotsa pepper 😋

Frequent this stall at Food Republic because of it’s decent price below $7 and good portion and taste.

The fish is fresh and broth was good. I wouldn’t say excellent but heartwarming for a rainy day and season.

Another decent lunch at Shock Japanese with a nice variety in this bento. Always satisfying heartwarming lunch.

This has become my latest favourite and crave because it has all my favourite ingredients- almond, red beans and orange peel! A Good kick!

Yes one of the best chendols in Sg, besides the one at Chinatown complex.

This bowl is tasty esp with the side ginger strips. It’s a big bowl and I could only eat 1/2-3/4 so good to share with someone hungry!