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The combi tasted light which was good and the prawns felt like they were given a nice lil' panfry which added some xiao crunch to them xD

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Is this new on Burpple Beyond or have I been missing out all this while?! Deal is for a selected main + non-alcoholic beverage + dessert! Udon is the specialty here and I like that the cold udon has a nice springy bite :D The dipping sauce is flavourful too! Unagi Don is not bad and there were 5 big pieces for one serving of warabimochi so nothing much to complain! (:

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Felt this was pretty worth the deal! (; Comes with miso soup as well~

Sauce at the side tasted of truffle oil! Which was interesting to me haha chicken was not too bad too (:

Pretty decent! Went in without any expectations and was slightly disapppointed at the small portion but the chicken made up for it haha

Me is a creamy pasta kinda person so I enjoyed this! (: It was the 2nd time I chose this - it's still pretty good though somehow it's not as amazing as the first time I tried hmms couldn't really pinpoint why but perhaps it's cos the portion size seems smaller or the bacon/mushrooms/sauce seem lesser :x Would say it's still a good deal nonetheless!

Decently done! Though I think the sauce is not amazing and was also imagining that the pulled pork would be more tender but still it's generally okay! Decided I prefer its crabmeat pasta more! (:

have been wanting to try teapulse since some time ago and so glad it's on burpple beyond! happy with my choice of drink i think the combi of kombucha and hawthorn is pretty nice a lil sourish sweet sourish sweet and reminds me of those vinegar kinda drinks which i enjoy! the homemade chestnut pearls are awesomeeee they didn't disappoint rllyyy kinda like red rubies but i feel these have more crunch to it so yayyy :D This is rlly a guilt-free drink indeed! (:

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idk if you even tell from this photo but this is one MOUNTAIN of crabmeat pasta! and it is no kidding that they are reallyy generous with the crabmeat! there's practically crabmeat in every bite of pasta we take! (((: the tagliatelle is springy with a nice texture haha just that there isn't much sauce for this dish so it can maybe get a bit dry but nonetheless enjoyed this pasta and will def be back againnnn! :D

Did Hollin revamp its menu or sth haha nonetheless honey pearls are the everyday pearl flavour! i'm trying very hard to taste the honey though i have to say the texture of the pearls is kinda nice to chew haha but i can't rlly comment for sure if they are freshly made pearls as for the drink itself it's supposed to be earl grey tea with fresh milk and i do kinda taste a lil of earl grey haha oh idk why the drink kinda just has a lighter taste and i'm not complaining actually!

Could only redeem for large iced teas! And each comes with a cute flamingo float! Apparently they use honey instead of sugar and there is a option to choose if we wanna normal sugar or less sugar - Got the lychee tea (on the left) and berries tea (on the right) this time round and chose normal sugar which I felt the sweetness was okay (: Thought the large size was pretty big though it feels less sinful drinking fruit tea haha my unrefined taste buds can't discern the berries taste of my berries tea but wanna say glad for nata de coco within cos it kinda satisfied my need for chewy bubbles in a drink xD

Mellower Coffee! This is Rooibos Latte - according to the staff it's like 奶茶 and yeapps it's a pretty light 奶茶 (: Doesn't feel very guilty having it hahaha

& on a side note second redeem was for 1-for-1 Iced Latte! Also $6.60/2!