Airy, fluffy and soft pancakes after lunch was a great choice as desserts! The maple cream paired well with the pancakes, without tasting too heavy. I find it quite pricy as the bill came up to about $20 when I actually devoured the whole stack in less than 10 min with my partner.

This was my first meal after Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). Ordered the Sheng Mian which had a nice wok hei, it’s loaded with big crunchy prawns atop the egg omelette. The sautéed vegetables was good despite oily with the generous pork lard. They even gave another small plate of pork lard as a side.

Tabao this delectable rice bowl but still taste as good ! There is mild truffle smell, foie gras is fragrant and the Wagyu beef slices are so tender. The onsen egg is also on point *boink boink* 🤤😋

What a cheap and good alternative to Ding Tai Feng’s pork chop egg fried rice! Priced at $6.50, it’s easily half the price if I ate it at the restaurant. The egg fried rice is fragrant with each bite, pork chop is quite a big portion that is so tender and well marinated. Not forgetting the chilli that goes really well with the fried rice too. Will definitely come back for more 😋😋😋

Imagine indulging in tender beef slices drenched in well marinated sauce, topped with caviar, foie gras, scallions and a perfect onsen egg. The truffle aroma brings the taste to another level- here is a must order Donburi! 🤤

This had a nice umami taste of the seafood mix- scallop, prawn🍤, fish roe, unagi and topped with an onsen egg. Yummilicious! As it is being served in a hotstone bowl, the dish came hot and I love the rice which is fragrantly charred. Highly recommended! 😋

Preferred the creme brûlée over the brownie. The caramelised sugar on top of the pudding is yummy 🤤

Another main course we had was the duck confit with soft mash potato and brown sauce. Comes with a salad as the side. The duck meat is tender and flavourful with the sauce.

Here comes the main dish of the set meal: Pork slices with cream on top, served with side salad and potato gratin. The meat is slightly tough and chewy, was hoping it will be more tender.

My friend and I ordered this $70 set (1-1 Burpple deal) at this cosy and quaint French restaurant. Tried the onion soup 🧅 and escargot 🐌 . Both are yummy. They also provided bread which was baked by themselves, it was good - soft on the inside and crispy outside. Wished the balsamic sauce in the olive oil was more.

Pork ribs glazed with char siew bbq sauce, served with ketupat and Nonya achar. Ribs are tender to bite and flavourful; achar is crunchy n yummy. Overall quite a refreshing fusion dish.

Very shiok skewers, went great with the frozen Kirin beer. Burps! Yuzu n lychee flavour Kirin highly recommended! We ordered 60 sticks and 4 beer in total for 5 pax - spent about $27 each. For each flavour/type of meat or veggie ordered, it has to be min 2 skewers. Mostly went with the salt n pepper as well as the Chinese spice flavour. Simple seasoning will bring out the grilled meat/veggies taste.