1-1 for the mains and pasta at a quaint and cosy cafe near the Bedok north market. It’s quite a gem here with interesting Nonya- Western fusion food. The owner was also very nice and friendly!

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This soup is da bomb if you need to warm your tummy on a cold windy night. This is definitely one of the best pig organ soups around in Singapore! So be prepared for a little queue to get seats.

Tried the special Halloween set that comes with the “scary” eye drink (basically lychee with blueberry stuffed inside) - abit too sweet for my liking. The molten cookie with ice cream never fails but I wouldn’t consider the extra whip cream/ rip biscuit or charcoal cone that tasty...

1-1 set meal very worth it! Ordered the prawn aglio olio with a mocktail to chill on a Friday night is the way to go!

Always nice to slurp up a warm bowl of pork based ramen from this place! I will usually go for the original version with tender chashu, egg and lots of chopped spring onion! Sprinkle in some grinned sesame for more fragrant taste!

Quite refreshing to have kimchi and pickled radish on the fried chicken so it would not taste so gelat. Drizzle some maple syrup on the waffle to my liking and yum yum in the tum tum! Definitely cannot finish this alone as the portion is quite big!

Ordered this to share with my partner and it was just nice filling for our tummies! Very tasty and flavorful indeed with all my fave seafood in the pot!

Can’t really remember the name of this pizza but I felt the Garlic snowing pizza was nicer than this! 😆

Very tasty and yummy pizza that’s slightly sweet with the cheesy sprinkle on top. This was with one-one deal so very worth it!

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Rum and raisin never fails to disappoint! I can’t remember what’s the other flavour which I ordered 😅

Affordable and tasty Korean cuisine to go for when I have a craving would be to Ga Ya Geum! Their set meal is very worth that come with a seafood stew, kimchi pancake and the bulgogi meat. Rice and side dishes are also included. I love the seafood stew!

Always had to order the herbal dang gui duck when I am at Dian Xiao Er! Their XO fried rice is also a must order! So fragrant and tasty!