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wagyu Burger came here because my friend highly recommended it but we felt it was normal for the price? you can get similar fare at the normal astons. we ordered a wagyu burger + a chuck cut. we asked for medium rare for the steak but it felt overcooked. burger was also normal! The sides (mushroom soup + onion rings) were good, but I think it’s also similar to what normal Aston’s serves
Sirloin (petite) With 2 Sides, $30.90++ 150g of Sirloin grilled to medium, with coleslaw and macaroni Bac and cheese.. Juicy and tender! Those who love the fats in their wagyu would love this!
flap steak ($23.90+) & flank steak ($22.90+) moving away from the more popular sirloin or ribeye steak options on the menu, i was not disappointed with my choice of flap and flank steaks (150g each). the meat was served perfectly medium as i’d ordered and was very tender, disintegrating easily as i chewed into it, almost melting in my mouth. i found the flap steak to be slightly more fatty than the flank though both were equally as enjoyable. the meat’s smoky, char-grilled fragrance enhanced its beefy flavour profile. i also enjoyed the fries and mushroom sides. furthermore, at the end of our meal we were even served complimentary ice cream! which made the whole experience feel even more value-for-money in my opinion. if you visit Bizen, do consider giving these cuts a try! despite being one of the cheapest options on the menu, the taste is definitely not being compromised. also, there is no service charge!! rating: 3.9/5
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