My first try at this. Surprising, I kinda like it! The Lychee Sauce on the right and the preserved vegetables soup on the left. Both were equally good. Just that the fish was rather small la. Of course, the food was oily too. But couldn't help it, I wouldn't mind coming back again!

Visited this on a Sunday noon. Just nice for high tea. It was rather affordable l, around 20plus ish for the high tea menu. Food was simple, but the satay was quite good! I like the oneh oneh cake too. Was quite surprised the cafe took up 3 levels of space! Just a little warm there.

Celebrated our friends' birthday there. Trying out this new place where we can have a mixture of cuisines.
Tried the breakfast burger, vegan calamari (this was soooooo good! Please try it!), the uni and scallop somen and the scallops somen, mentaiko fries.
Overall rating, food was prolly 3/5.
Ambience wise 4/5.
Good place to have a gathering with your friends.

Fresh sashimi treat. Served with seaweeds for you to wrap the sashimi to savour it. Really loved it. Had fun doing my own "sashimi wraps". Overall, quite a good and decent meal!

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Celebrated le boyfriend birthday there. Our first time there at Tong Le private dining. This is the only rotating restaurant left in Singapore. I added on the scrambled white eggs with Uni dish ($26/pax) to our set menu (just afraid we would not be full la). No regrets to it!

This is my second visit to Chopsuey. Their food standard has always been tip top! Their dimsum Platter comes in 6 or 9 pieces. I love their spicy mushrooms dumplings.

Try this, thai wanton mee is always different from the local ones we have here. This is a good bowl of wanton mee. The dumplings are big and juicy.

The salmon croquettes was a bit dry for my liking. But still a good item for small bites.

Wow, this is a must try. I like the charred flavour. The meat was tender. Very good.

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This is another popular item that is a must try. I like the generous serving of tobiko! The rice could have been a bit more flavourful or wok hei taste. But overall, this is a good dish.

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Well, tried the prawns since it was one of the popular items there. Only 3 pieces of prawns. A bit too pricey to be paying 26 bucks for 3 pieces of prawns. Taste wise, it can be more flavourful. Don't really taste the burnt garlic with butter.