For the price of approx $5, the kebab is reasonably priced and with lotsa ingredients. A decent quick and filling (for a girl’s appetite) meal. It is served warmed too. Satisfying for kebab cravings.

Albeit more pricey than coffeeshop’s but the quality of the red bean paste is good. Not too sweet and the ratio of paste to bun - 1:1. The bun itself is soft and eat it warm when it is served.

Once you had the best, you cant go back to less than the best. Durian kaki never disappoints with their Mao Shan Wang. Good service and quality of durian guaranteed. Definitely recommend.

$20 portion is just enough for 4-5 pax. Very good portion of fats and lean meat, crisp well done and tender enough. Definitely worth a trip downtown to get this.

Yummy yum yum, nothing can go wrong with ah chew desserts. The serving portion is good, reasonably priced and satisfies my craving for ice cold desserts. Definitely recommend this who are a mango lover.

Generous serving of nachos with medium serving of guacamole. Delicious quesadillas which was really tasty and flavourful. A very peaceful place to dine at, albeit the casualness of the place. Hidden gem in a quiet area, away from Novena station. Definitely recommend.

Priced at $9.80, felt it was a tad bit expensive for the portion. Cant be compared to the authentic one in Taiwan but i guess this is good enough if you have cravings. Not too salty and good portions of fatty meat.

Honestly not a fan of the much raved nasi lemak dish here. I felt that the chicken lacked flavour. It could be more flavourful. Ordered the breast meat which is my usual part of a chicken. The rice could also be more fragrant with more lemak and pandan flavour but it lack of that.

Tried their Unajyu and the serving is really huge for a lady’s appetite. Can share between 2 for this. They serve chawanmushi as well together with this meal, which is a good deal. Unagi is really good, comparable to Man Man if you ask. Went there on a Sunday evening and waited for about 15mins. They can only sit 34 pax at one go. So be prepared to wait if you go during peak hours. The Unajyu was priced at $35++. Pretty worth imo.

Portion is all right for $3.50. The coconut is flavourful in the rice, the fillet is quite thick and chewy. Reasonable pricing for a quick and inexpensive lunch here. Reflects Penang culture amd brings people back to Penang.

This stall opens for dinner while most stalls are closed. Not bad if you have cravings for bak kut teh in the area. They have fish as well, at 17. Good to share!

Bought 3 D24. 2 out of 3 tasted really good! 1 was not that great. Their service is pretty good though. Can try their durians during the season. Quality guaranteed.