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[📍小川の庄 Ogawa-no-Sho, Takashimaya Japan Food Fair] Have always wanted to try Oyaki from Ogawa-no-sho (located in Nagano City of Japan)~. I was always tempted to try them every time they came to Singapore during Takashimaya food fair but was usually too late to get the flavours i wanted. Oyaki is a traditional local flour dumpling unique to Nagano, filled with various vegetables and served grilled/steamed/both. I love how the dumpling/steamed bun skin, made from glutionous rice flour, is thin and the fillings were very generous. The skin isn’t those fluffy or super mochi-like chewy kind. It is soft-textured with slight chewiness and complemented well with the fillings inside - not overly doughy. Priced at $3.80 each / 3 for $10 —> it was definitely more worth it to get 3 flavours My top 3 ultimate wanted-to-try flavours were: 1. Nozawana (a local leafy green) —> No 2 most popular 2. Shimeijiyasai (Shimeji and vegetables) —> No 1 most popular 3. Kinpira (Burdock Root, commonly used in TCM as it is known to have lots of potential health benefits) However, most of the flavours were completely sold out when i went yesterday (OOOOPS too late again). Luckily, there was Kinpira so YAY~ I settled for: 1. Kabotya (Pumpkin) 7/10 - Smashed pumpkin marinated in miso - I love harmony between natural sweetness of the pumpkin and the slight savouriness of the miso that was really aromatic and elevated the pumpkin’s fragrance. 2. Unohana (Tofu Pulk) 3/10 - Carrots, daikon, raddish, leek and other vegetables - I personally felt it was like a very mild flavoured “popiah” raddish filling that tasted pretty “meh”. I was quite shocked that this was one of their popular product… errrmmm 3. Kinpira (Burdock root) 7.5/10 - Burdock root and carrots stir-fried in rapeseed oil and seasoned using a sweet-savoury sauce. - YAY at least i managed to try one of the flavour i was looking forward to and YESHHH it didnt disappoint me. I really love the crunchiness of the burdock root with a distinct but not overpowering subtle herbal flavour. Glad that this leans towards a slight savoury side rather than sweet (I don’t have a sweet tooth) HAHA Overall Taste: 6.5/10 TBC #burpple
Jie Yin
JuzBread Cheese Pineapple Tart M (approx 70pcs), $49.80. . . Every year, we look forward to Chinese new year to indulge in our favourite CNY goodies! One of our favourite is Pineapple Tarts and we have tried most of the popular one but nothing beats this - JuzBread! Super AMAZING SHIOK!! The pastries is just right and pineapple is not too sweet, topped with some cheese on top. Everything is on point! Definitely our number one choice for Pineapple tarts! Sharing is caring, so if you are also a big fan pineapple tarts, head down to Takashimaya atrium before 23 Jan to taste test and get your hands on them! . . . @juz.bread @takashimayasg #hungryunicornsg #juzbread #pineappletart #pineappletarts #cnygoodies #pineappletarts🍍
New but not Brilliant We’ve been customers of this CJ for 25 years. Not only it has long been surpassed by Imperial Treasure for quality and reliability, but since the recent renovation standards have also dropped in terms of both food and service. The $26++ signature fried rice has no flavour, worse than the Yang Chow fried rice at CJ Kitchen downstairs. Service was astoundingly poor. They forgot to key in two of our orders, and had to be reminded regularly for water refills. The only advantage is even on weekends, you can call in the morning to book a table for lunch; before, that would have been impossible.
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