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Combining the best of both worlds (or the worst of two sims depending on how you see it), this dessert sees the fusion of flowy salted egg yolk custard into the all-time classic Chocolate Lava Cake served with a scoop of ice-cream on the side. Just think of a warm chocolate cake with just a pinch of saltiness oozing out liquid gold in between that's pretty much similar to liusha goodness! Vanilla ice-cream felt a tad artificial and commercial though.

These are fried chili crab meat bun ($5.50 for 3 pcs), golden deep fried mantou enveloping a piquant chilli crab filling. |
Instead of the usual dippinh in chilli crab sauce, now you have it filled within. Shiok or what. 🍴 More of other limited edition dim sum delights on the web, (link in bio)

Spaghetti was cooked al-dente and they were pretty generous with the Mentaiko, which created a really umami flavour that was addicting when combined with the cream sauce.

Not many places get pho right, but as Pho 4 All focuses their efforts on perfecting this dish, you can count on them to get your pho fix. For $10, you get a bowl of flat rice noodles in a flavourful broth, topped with tender slices of beef (or flank and beef balls if you wish). As usual, it comes with beansprouts and basil on the side. Also order the cha gio -- Vietnamese fried spring rolls stuffed with chicken and vegetables as the perfect sidekick to your pho. Located conveniently at Jalan Pisang, this is a great spot for a simple date night.

Le Steak by Chef Amri is an affordable family-friendly steakhouse that is well-loved for their grilled chicken, sirloin steak and seared salmon -- all priced reasonably below $20. Even the desserts of bread pudding or creme brulee are a hit at just under $10. If you're in the Jalan Kayu area, this is the perfect place for dinner with your loved ones. Burppler Lydia Sonia says, "One of the best steak I tried. Juicy and tender, cooked to perfection."
* Halal-certified

Having been drawing such large crowds, Badoque Cafe now has two branches to satisfy your cravings. Get the Beef Ribs to share -- fall-off-the-bone tender, lip-smacking ribs you'll be glad you ordered. If you're feeling in the mood for some seafood instead, go for the Mermaid's Tears or the Shrimp Laksa Fettucine. Just a note of caution: come here when you're feeling absolutely ravenous and/or with a group of friends, because their portions are huge!
* Halal-certified

Although FIX is known for their naanwiches and donuts with salted egg dip, it would be a shame if you missed out on their stellar desserts and crispy soy drumlets. These drumlets are the perfect combination of salty, spicy and crispy -- a must-order item! To sate your sweet tooth, go for the butterscotch arabica choux ($6) -- a crumbly, light choux pastry filled with salted butterscotch and topped with coffee cream. For something light, their passionfruit, mango and coconut chiffon cake ($7) is a sure win.

How you do it here : 1. Pick your soup. 2. Pick your noodle. 3. Choose your meat. Intensely rich beef broth paired with broad noodle and 5-6 generous chunks of oh so tender melt-in-your mouth beef. Add the housemade fermented bean chilli sauce for added kick.