The pita bread was so soft and fluffy. I like that it was generously filled with falafels, tahini and salad to make it that much healthier. Each bite was a beautiful medley of flavour, guaranteed to leave you wanting more.
Overall I find the wrap tastes really deliciously authentic and a great value for money.

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Nestled along a small street along mackenzie Road, is Le Cafe which serves up delicious traditional pasties. I got the Bean Curd Tarts ($10 for a box of 8) and man I absolutely loved it.

I liked that the Beancurd filling was smooth and flavourful but at the same time really light. The tart shell had nice buttery notes which further enhanced the eating experience. It was so tasty that I finished it so quickly.

Located at the heart of the CBD on level 40 of Capitagreen Building, you can get a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline while enjoying the wonderful Mediterranean inspired food.

One of the standouts was the perfectly roasted salmon atop a bed of couscous, eggplant and tomato relish ($36). The salmon was perfectly cooked with a nice crispy skin. I also liked the combination of flavours of the turmeric, saffron and tomato that go really well with the couscous.

The usual hangout for good rustic Italian fare. This establishment is really popular with in the neighbourhood.
The Orecchiette Pasta ($19) was perfectly al dante and had strong notes of saffron and pork. I liked that it was topped with what I believe to be crispy pork which added a much needed crunchy element to the dish.

Introducing a very good bowl of Tom yam fish soup located at Berseh Food Centre. This small hawker stall only has fish soup on the menu but that's the only bowl you need.

I don't know what they use to make the Tom Yam broth but the blend of herbs and spices that construct the bright orange slightly creamy Tom Yam soup makes me go back for another mouthful.

Watch in excitement as whiskey is set on fire and poured over the 1.2kg whiskey-aged Rangers Valley Wagyu Tomahawk ($158++).

The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare doneness and the flaming alcohol helped to perfume the air with the slight beefy aroma.
Despite the cut of meat not being the crazy high end marbled kinds, I liked that the steak was dry aged which helped develop the deep beefy flavour and made the meat super tender.

A good plate of fusion pasta. The Tiger prawns were well cooked and I like that the sakura ebi, the Japanese element, gave the dish a nice crunch and umami that elevated the entire dish to another level.

The dish was beautifully plated. The bright orange carrot mousse and the yellow tarragon foam made the duck leg pop off the plate. I like the combination of the duck with the sweetness of the carrot puree. Overall a really well balanced and though of dish.

No meal is complete without desserts. Stumbled upon one of the best éclairs I have eaten so far. These beautiful choux pastries that are filled with luscious cream and topped with colourful flavoured icing immediately sent me to dessert heaven.
Amongst the various flavours available I decided to get, from left to right, the dark chocolate ($8), ispahan ($8.5), pistachio and strawberries ($8) and lemon ($8).
My favourite would have to be the dark chocolate as I love the intensity of the chocolate. As a lemon meringue lover, the lemon éclair did not fail to disappoint as well.
One flavour that I might not get in the future would be the ispahan because although it's the prettiest of the bunch I felt the rose flavour overpowered the lychee.

For all black sesame lovers out there you gotta try a slice of this cake. The cake itself has a moist and soft texture with a punchy and rich black sesame flavour of the cake will satisfy your tastebuds.

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The matcha ice cream had a nice depth of flavour and the lovely golden brown waffles had a mochi-like texture accentuated by it's crisp edges. Definitely a pairing made to send you to dessert heaven.

The best part of the Hakumai Bento ($58) in my opinion is this angel hair pasta topped with fresh melt in your mouth uni. The flavours of the uni really added an extra richness to the already flavoursome pasta which i really like.