A small fish ($32) to feed 3 pax, with more than enough to go around. Salted egg sotong ($14) was a pretty good aid to the spiciness. And the 水煮牛肉 ($16) was good too! But as the beef has been fried, it was a little tough. But overall, good taste.


I can only say..

The Sushi Bar never fails to deliver the standards they say they would. Anytime, any day. I'll always choose them.

Not denying the aesthetics of this order, but it is sugar galore i tell ya. Fastest way to diabetes.

Just kidding. But on a side note, it's good for once in a while sweet treat. Or just for the grams.

Ordered a waffle & a pancake 'cos dilemma. (walao how to choose please)

Waffle was crispy outside and soft on the inside (screams awesome). Greek yogurt & fruits gave a very balanced taste to the dish.

Pancake was fluuuuuffyyyyy as usual. The sunflower seeds gave a little crunch to the dish making it more enjoyable.

Tummy satisfying place~~

Standard order of mine whenever I am there. Laksa doesn't fail. 3 pieces of prawn, thick gravy like sauce that is not too milky, and half an egg.

Quick fix for lunch. However it gets very crowded from 12-1pm.

Ordered the waffle w earl grey lavender ice cream with strawberry & speculoos toppings. The ice cream tasted more like lavender than earl grey, which is okay if you're a more floral person.

Speculoos went super well with the ice cream i must say. And the waffle was good!

Only thing is this place can get a little too noisy. But overall ambience still cosy and quaint.

Tummy approved place~~

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Similar to Japan, you fill up a slip indicating your preferences for the various aspect of the dish (e.g. soup richness, noodle firmness, etc.)

I'd recommend the light richness as it gets saltier as the richness increases. And it can get quite 'jelat' after a while. Also, there is an option of belly or shoulder (chashu) pork as part of the ramen. Although the serving of the belly was seemingly smaller at first glance, it proved quite different when you start eating. It is very flavourful and soft, although not melt in your mouth.

Ramen Nagi is probably the place one would go to for a quick fix to ramen cravings. Reasonably priced, quick service, no frills dining.

Good variety of sides and toppings. A more manageable portion for lunch as compared to Daily Cut. Serves fast as well.