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Cooking on Paper? Dinner Buffet 4 Pax: $121.95 ($30.50/Pax) It’s the first time I’ve grilled on paper before and the experience was... unsavoury... The meat would have a sort of “juice” ooze out (especially beef) and pool onto the paper which was damn disgusting. Plus, the paper heated up really slowly so the meat took longer than we were used to to fully cook. It also didn’t really take on that char-grilled flavour unless you burned it a bit and by then the meat would be grey and overcooked :-( The mashed potato and ice cream was surprisingly good however. The rice balls were pretty yummy. The Oreo cheesecake was so-so and I felt like the strawberry cheesecake was an odd flavour combination that did not really suit me. A small criticism I also have is that the lettuce was kind of small and were all broken up so it was hard to make wraps. The flavour of the pork was mediocre on its own and lacked depth. The garlic chicken was well seasoned but the others were not savoury enough for me. Service was average at best. Overall: 5.9/10 🍖🍽
Affordable Korean BBQ at Orchard Good variety of meats and seafood such as prawns, baby octopus are available during lunch. Located at Orchard Gateaway, this place is a good to go for simply hangout with friends over lunch or dinner. Price is reasonable, $19.90++ during lunch. My favorite dish: glass noodle, sesame ball, sweet & sour chicken, beef bulgogi, spicy pork collar and corn salad. Best dipping sauce: sesame oil + salt. Rate: 7.8/10 Daessikksin (Orchard Gateaway) 277 Orchard Road #03-17, Singapore 238858 11.30am - 10pm 6702 7427
Korean BBQ Meat Overload Awesome place for Korean BBQ all you meat lovers out there! The pork collar and beef are good 👍🏻 always loved to eat them dipped in chilli paste and garlic on a juicy lettuce leaf. But dipping with onion sauce is pretty tasty too! Paid ard $87 for three people. Pretty reasonable for a bbq buffet dinner. Down side: getting really thirsty later at night 🙁
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