Fish and chips was just alright. But we really enjoyed the pasta really flavourful and the prawns were delicious!! Chocobear was super cute but taste wise just alright

Both pretty average. Portion was okay, didn’t feel full so if you wana have dessert after it’s still okay.

The bacon was very salty and the pasta tasteless so it was pretty balanced when eaten together.

The cream sauce on the the pasta was gritty from the parmesan powder and the egg definitely added an umami flavour to the sauce.

Would probably try the other pastas available but just not these two

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Had the kei signature Kaisendon before trying the mentaiko one this time. Had to say that I prefer this as having the normal one became abit too fishy for me. But this gave abit of char and really gave the dish a different flavour.

The way I had it was I tore abit of seaweed and placed abit of rice and chunks of fish wrapped it and ate it. Soooo good. Wished I had asked for more seaweed. 11/10

The service here is one of the best I had from their chain. So cheerful and kind, very fast as well even tho it was full at that time. Waited for like 5-10mins that was all. 100/10

Both of us had the hazelnut ice cream. His pure hazelnut and mine with swirls of chocolate/ Nutella spread in it. The one with chocolate was too jelak and heavy that I couldn’t finish it and needed water ASAP. Matcha was pleasant with ribbons of white chocolate giving it abit more sweetness. Banana split was okay not a fan of it. Side note, came to try the pistachio but sadly it was sold out


Came back for the miso carbonara 10/10 really love it. Tho the miso taste isn’t really there but I love that it’s so creamy, filled with salmon and pasta cooked to perfection. Tho the steak was okay wouldn’t come back for it as there’re other things in the menu that are way nicer .


Came back the very next day after our first experience with them.

We chose different flavours this time round, milo cookie was underwhelming, I would probably think it’s just chocolate if you didn’t tell me. Camo is a mix of hazelnut and pandan ice cream with chocolate chips. Hazelnut was too light and artificial did not like it, pandan taste a little artificial but reminded me of bengawan solo’s pandan chiffon cake.

Overall was kinda disappointed with the flavours as the previous night’s flavours were so good

Lychee rasp is cream based rather than a sorbet, somehow reminded me of lychee bandung drink you get at mama shop. Really good

Pistachio is really good, creamy and nutty not overly sweet. Really hits the spot.

Plus points to this place as the portion are huge and generous!! Without burpple I’d come back here with my family

Side note, sad that they didn’t have waffle pop today really wanted to try it out.

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A small cute little shop just right by the famous chinatown street. They have an array of cute little desserts but on a pricey side for how small it is. Had the soft serve, decided to go with the twist to try both flavours.

Matcha was good but got abit bitter towards the end as there were bits of matcha in the ice cream. The cream cheese was really good I like the combination of sweet salty and creamy.

Getting the twist was really all flavours and taste in one, creamy, refreshing, hint of saltiness, sweet and abit bitter. Highly recommended 👍🏻

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Best place in SG to get chocolate ice cream. This time round we chose other flavours, hazelnut ice cream and white chocolate ice cream had it with the caramel sauce.

Hazelnut ice cream was so good, words can’t describe how good it is you have to try it yourself.

White chocolate was good as well but better off getting the 88% Choco ice cream.


Value for money dish, big portion of fish. However the dish was very dry and there was hardly any sauce in it. Will not go back for this particular dish

Hazelnut flavour was very subtle, 3/5.
Early grey was meh, 2/5 I had better.
BB is only applicable to certain flavours so you have to let the cashier know that you’re using a deal.