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The jalapeño spring rolls is very innovative & tasty. Tacos are very good too!!

Bad service, average food, unhygienic ( There is so much flies near the “fresh” sea food )

They are also racist toward white people.

Restaurant situé au dernier étage du Jewel Center, je peux dire que j’ai découvert un joyaux culinaire ;). Les reconstructions en plastique des plats mis en avant ne sont pas mensongés, contrairement à de nombreux restaurants Singapourréins .

Après avoir essayé de nombreux restaurants et hawker centers, je peux vous certifier que ce restaurant représente le mieux Singapour : Un mélange entre Europe, Indo-Malaisie et Chine qui respecte chacune de ces cultures.

Le vin gik mis en avant est un genre de vin blanc un peu cheap, mais les plats sont délicieux !

Les nachos étaient juste parfait ! J’ai essayé les tacos satay qui se sont révélés une une explosion de saveurs ! Ma compagne a commandé un cordon bleu qui m a surpris. Ils ont revisité le cordon bleu, comme une escalope milanaise en remplaçant la sauce tomate par une sauce aigre-douce, n’est-ce pas un mariage merveilleux ?

Je recommande également les desserts-cocktails pour terminer votre repas


Restaurant situated at the top floor of the jewel shopping center, I can say that I found a culinar jewel ;).

After having tried a lot of restaurants and hawker center, I can tell that that H8ritage is the best to show-off the Singaporean culture: a mix between China, Indo-Malaysia and Europe while respecting the 3 cultures.

The “gik” wine advertised is a sugary white wine a little cheap, but the dishes are marvelous !

The nachos we ordered were amazing ! I tried the satay tacos and that was an explosion of taste ! My girlfriend ordred à cordon which was a revisited Milano escalopes, but where they replaced the tomato sauce by a sweet and sour sauce, isn’t it brilliant mariage ?!

I also recommend the desert-cocktails to finish your diner.

** July 2019 ** The restaurant only serves the katsudon and 1.5SGD Miso soup + some drinks. The fried pork is on the thinner side - not my preference but my bf loves it. Rice is from Hokkaido and can change to multigrain rice (we tried, also very good !)
Each bowl is S$13.5++. The spicy one isn’t too hot as it is a Japanese restaurant

Ordered 👆 and [ twosome noodles ] for $14. Really like the bar ambiance, and the noodles are super good. Will come back again!!

[165SGD for 2 people : 2 mains + 2 side + 2 desserts + 2 glasses of wine]

I called for reservation for my bf and me. Wanted to use the Burpple deal but when we arrived onsite, we were told it were “fully redeemed”. The second bad surprise is that we specifically chosed that restaurant for the 7-course menu but none were available, the manager giving the excuse “you need to specify that you want the 7 course menu in your reservation”.

We were also denied to change table on our request on the excuse that the other tables were “reserved” even if we ... reserved....

The style of the restaurant tries to copy French new gender where “industrial / everyday” features are used. However it s not an excuse to use cheap stools without a back or cheap plates ( our fries were served in an aluminium frier plate) when we spent 80SGD per pax.

Some pointers to the food:
-the truffle fries aren’t made using fresh potatoes 🙅🏻‍♀️
- The sauce accompanying the beef is simple cheap beef stock reduction
-The 45 SGD 400-day score 4-5 deckle wagyu beef was.... let s say.... okay... 🙆🏻
-the 55 SGD score 9 wagyu is not as good as the one above. It doesn’t not taste like a noble part of the beef as it was way too chewy🙅🏻‍♀️
-the best part of the diner was the desert and the only point I would give to the restaurant would be a creative one for the Panna cotta foie gras🙆🏻

Carbonated coffee! My first time seeing one😮slightly pricy @4.80. A bit too weak for regular coffee drinker, but worthy for the originality