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Besides being a fun place to get properly buzzed, this popular night spot in Clarke Quay is also home to a repertoire of delicious grub. No, this isn’t your typical spam fries and chicken wings sort of menu (although I’m pretty sure they have them too). In fact, I dare go as far as to say that their food rivals some established bistros.

Their beef sliders are rock solid. ‘Nuff said. The patties are cooked to a perfect medium rare and everything component just works so well together from the tanginess of the pickled gherkins, buttery-sweet brioche buns to the creamy melted cheese.

$5.90 for absolute fried chicken heaven in a plate, the Super Value Meal comes with tender, boneless fried chicken, rice and a fried egg.


Rolling out modern Korean-Mexican food that’s both delicious and exciting, Vatos Urban Tacos is one I’d recommend if you’re hankering after tacos, margaritas and the like.

They cleverly fuse the traditional flavors of Korea and the zesty, punchy qualities of Mexican cuisine, presenting a menu that’s really quite unlike anything I’ve tried in both aspects.

I’m especially fond of their Kimchi Carnitas Fries, a Vatos original that sees crispy fries topped with braised pork carnitas, kimchi and melted cheese, as well as their Galbi Short Rib tacos. Their nachos are pretty bomb as well as you can see here there seems to be more shredded pork than actual nachos.


A unique noodle dish that features a delicious medley of prawns, pork ribs, sliced of hard-boiled egg and egg noodles doused in a flavorful yet tongue-burning chili sauce concoction, this chili mee is one that you should definitely try if you’re around Beach Road and looking for a satisfying meal.

It’s hard to describe the overall taste because there’s just so much going on with every single item executed very well, but all I can say is that you won’t regret it.

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With fried chicken, waffles and burgers as old school and delicious as this, who even needs over-exorbitant Shake Shack and A&W?

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As far as prawn noodles go here in Singapore, very few come close to how full-bodied and flavorful their soup is but what a shame they now charge for additional soup top-ups.


Brimming with wok hei, underscored by a savory-sweetness courtesy of the sweet dark sauce added to give it its signature flavour and color, this char kway teow ranks high among one of my top favorites here in Singapore.

A long queue is to be expected regardless of whichever time you choose to go, but I promise you it’s well worth it!

This Thai delicacy sees pork spines served in a savory pig bone broth, accented with fresh lime juice, birds eye chili and cilantro (lots of it).

The meat comes off the bone with relative ease and is very tasty when eaten with the sourish broth. I typically have it with rice until recently when I decided to go all #YOLO and ordered a platter of crispy fried mantou. Trust me, it may seem like your ordinary mantou but somehow they manage to fry it so perfectly golden and crispy that it stands up well by itself. Order it the next time you visit, you’ll be glad you did.

Name me a pork dish more frighteningly alluring than this. Go on, I’ll wait.

Seeing as to how it was our first time and coincidentally our anniversary (lel), my girlfriend and I opted for the 7-course menu which included a series of snacks, mains and unforgettable one-biters.

Simply put, every course had us mesmerized. Service was excellent and they even took the trouble to explain every dish to us and educate us on how to best enjoy it. Every bit deserving of their Michelin Star back in 2018, it’s a pity they shut their doors soon after. Now under the moniker, Cheek Bistro, their new casual dining concept takes on a whole different concept, offering exciting sharing plates and a la carte dishes.

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Hailing from their old stall previously located at South Buona Vista Road, this legendary boneless duck rice stall—now run by the original founder’s brother-in-law—impresses with its super tasty and immensely tender duck.

The ‘lor’, or thick gravy, is sticky-sweet and packed full of flavour. The duck is cut thinly allowing for maximum sauce coverage and goes very well with either porridge or rice (I usually get both).

Taking it up a notch from the conventional Mexican food truck-style taco, the Beef Bulgogi Taco sees adopts Korean flavors and even comes topped with a spicy, tangy kimchi mayonnaise. The elements of sweet, spicy and meaty all intermingle nicely making for one heck of a solid taco.

Other taco options that were pretty good too include the Pork Carnitas ($12++) & Citrus & Miso Tofu ($10++). The vegetarian latter might sound unappealing but on the contrary, the flavors on there are EXPLOSIVE (in a very good way).

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A dish that I simply cannot do without when having Sichuan food is a fried mutton. Every place has their own version of preparing it but what I particularly love about Dong Fang Mei Shi Fan Din’s is that they season their mutton with lots of cumin and chili powder which really amps up the savoriness of the dish.

The sweated onions provide sweetness which nicely balances out the saltiness of the mutton and the handful of cilantro tossed in towards the end lends an element of freshness. Pure meaty bliss, that is.