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Decent Bowl Of Unagi Hitsumabushi 90% as nice as Man Man’s, but at least you dont have to Q for this
Loong Wye
👉Hitsumabushi👈 Opening its doors at @wheelockplace just beginning of last year, @uya_sg aims to deliver a grilled unagi which is exactly the same as you will find in Nagoya. The tare used is made using a sauce base that has been a family secret and passed down over four generations. 。 Without any live killings of fresh eels and no DIY grated wasabi like Man Man Unagi, I was slightly disappointed that the grilled unagi didn’t match up to their strong competitor. There were many soft bones here and there which destroyed the overall pleasant mouthfeel. Made with the condiments (Spring Onion, Wasabi & Nori) and Dashi broth, the Ochazuke (rice with soup) was underwhelming and lacked that umami kick. 。 P.S. I guess I’m left with the last specialty grilled eel restaurant, @unagiyaichinoji to decide who’s the best 😋. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
Krispy Bone ($9++) The menu hasn’t changed much since the restaurant opened (only minor additions), but the place has become better known and justifiably popular in spite of the high prices, so do book in advance or be prepared to queue. The unagi here are crunchier, smokier, and more flavourful than those served at non-specialist restaurants. One must try the Hitsumabushi, which they recommend to eat three ways - on its own, with wasabi and other condiments, or with a broth; each is delicious in a different way. They use all parts of the eel: ‘Crispy bone’ is scrumptious, grilled liver is interesting, liver ponzu is less good than ankimo (monkfish liver) as it is less fatty. Efficient and polite service.
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Tsukemen, which is also known as Dipping Ramen, has officially become my favourite type of ramen after today! The ramen - cooked to al dente - is extremely silky and smooth. It was not soggy as the ramen is separated from the broth. The overall texture is very consistent and appealed much to our palate. Also, the portion of ramen is HUGE. Thankfully I did not upsize it 😂 (which is free)! As the dipping broth is boiled from dried sardines and bonito with chunks of pork, I would expect it to be overwhelming. However, after dipping the noodles in and taking my first bite, I was extremely surprised by the lingering umami which made me crave for more! Rather than dipping into the broth for a few second, I would recommend letting the ramen sit in the broth for a while to absorb the full flavour of the broth! The only drawback is that they only offered the ramen and the dipping broth, with no meat at the side. As such, we had to order an additional portion of meat to make the meal more complete 😁 My friend got the tonkotsu ramen, and we both felt that the broth was overly thick and creamy. Could only stomach a few bites before we got sick of the taste 😂 Perhaps they could offer customers a choice of the intensity of the flavour between light, regular and heavy - to better cater to customers with different taste profiles! If you were to go to Sanpoutei, we strongly recommend ordering the Tsukemen which is not as intense as their regular soup ramen. The ANTicipated scale ⚖ 👅Flavour: 8.5 ants 💰Value: 7 ants 📍Convenience: 8 ants
We always spot a long queue outside Sanpoutei during dinner hours and it’s no surprise why after having tried their ramen. Proudly from Niigata Japan, they offer ramen with distinctive fish stock made with dried sardine. Besides soup ramen, we would recommend their dry Tsukemen with rich dried sardine dip. It was our favourite item to savour the umami richness of dried sardine with their springy ramen. Their Maze Soba Aburi Chashu would be another dry option which also come with delicious rich Tonkotsu broth. Centrally located at Shaw House, with another outlet at Holland V, this would be a good recommendation for a yummy ramen that’s different and good.
I makan
Niigata Shouyu Ramen - 新潟醤油らーめん Normally I would order the Tonkotsu (pork-bone broth) ramen. Decided to order this fish-based ramen instead - Niigata Shoyu Ramen (新潟醤油らーめん) with 2 slices of Aburi Chashu, bamboo shoot, Flavoured Soft-Boiled Egg, Spinach and Nori sitting in this clear fish-based broth made by boiling chicken, pork, mushrooms and two premium niboshi (or dried sardines) for over 6 hours. The broth was rich, flavourful and intense. Something that I noticed was the ramen was served in a metallic bowl. Apparently it’s some special “keep warm” bowl produced in Tsubamesanjyo, Niigata. Interesting. Anyway, dinner was good..!
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🎶So I’m wondering, can we still be FRENs? 🎶 If I share this FRENch toast maybe? 😉 . No reservations are allowed at One Man Coffee so be prepared to wait or be nestled outside, just like my group of 6 did! 😔😔😔 It was scorching hot on this fateful Sunday but the tables inside were perpetually occupied (which the crew promised me twice to move me in ~20-30mins when other customers left but it never happened! 😭 Oh wells!) As much as the environment was unpleasant, it still enjoyed my catch-up with my close friends! ❤ . Their rendition of French Toast ($15) surely satisfied my sweet tooth! 😍😍😍 Featuring thick French toasts with caramelised banana, strawberries, blueberries, candied walnuts & salted caramel, plus an additional scoop of vanilla ice cream (+$4), this certainly made an indulgent treat. 👍🏻 . Our vanilla ice cream dusted with cocoa powder melted really fast & was reduced to a pool of creamy swirl due to the scorching hot weather 🔥🔥🔥 (& we were seated outdoors due to unavailability of indoor seats). . Thankfully, the thick fluffy toast served as good sponges to soak up the melted ice cream, which salvaged the ice cream a bit. 😋😋😋 Fans of cinnamon would surely like this as much as I did as the pillowy-soft toast was slathered with a generous amount of cinnamon flavouring, topped with a snow of icing sugar. 💕 . Applause to the caramelised bananas for being perfectly done! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 That alluring gloss on the nicely-browned sugar was truly reminiscent of the top layer of crème brulee, rendering a good crunch when paired with the naturally sweet & soft bananas. 😋😋😋 Both the slightly sourish strawberries & blueberries as well as the crunchy toasted walnuts balanced out the overall taste profile a bit 💯, though I would have appreciated more of them to achieve a greater balance. ✔ . Overall, this was a dessert plate that I enjoyed a lot. ✌🏻 Besides the 1-for-1 deal under #BurppleBeyond, it would have been even more enjoyable if the ice cream lasted longer & had more tangy fruits! 😊
10/10 Breakfast!!! Super worth 1 for 1 on beyond! Tried the highly raved salted caramel french toast and gashouse eggs, definitely did not disappoint!! 👍🏻👍🏻 Gashouse eggs was really a very good mix of runny egg wrapped in melted cheesey goodness 😍 bacon jam also had the right amount of savoury feels to go with it. French toast was very fluffy and went very well with the salted caramel dip 🙌🏻 personally found it a little dry and crumbly inside, but it’s ok if paired with the caramelized bananas. Coffee was mediocre, a bit acrid.
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👉Baked Eggs Cocotte👈 Two Eggs, Chorizo, Garbanzo Beans and Crushed Wasabi Peas; Served with Sourdough 。 Featured in Burpple’s guide as one of the twelve best cafes in Singapore, @onemancoffee is honoured to stand out along the row of shophouses at Upper Thomson Road, with its coffee from @nyloncoffee and sumptuous all-day brunch. 。 This brought me memories of having a comforting breakfast at @yakunkayatoastsg, but with an European twist to it. Though it was already filling enough for me, I wished there were more slices of sourdough to go along with the beautiful concoction. 。 P.S. You can enjoy 1-for-1 deals here using Burpple Beyond! Just sign up for a 20% off All Day Membership using my invite link: Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
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