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much less queue for this. that said, we finally decided to brave the 30+min queue one fine day.

so yes, I’ve finally tried their 不見天叉燒, which literally means “cannot see the sky” as the char siew cut is taken from the pig’s armpits which had a glorious amount of marbling and a high fat-meat ratio.

but I doubt I’d ever queue for this again as the decadent pieces of fatty meat became more of an overkill towards the end of the meal.
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rolled up kway was smooth, the clear broth was a little mild but had a nice peppery kick, complete with the myriad of ingredients like fried pork belly, fish sausages, pig stomach and pork slices. spammed the “very spicy” chili flakes to complete the very satisfying meal.
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this Uji Matcha soft serve is ♥️ - the beautiful dark green colour, rich matcha flavour that is not overly sweet and milky, ending with a smooth bitter finish. went back for seconds and will definitely be back for the final day tmr. why aren't you a permanent fixture here?? #betterlatethannever #burpple


Tai has the same sound as the phrase “medetoai” meaning “congratulations”. Thus, in Japan, tai has become a symbol of celebration, joy and good fortune. The rice is cooked for 40 minutes in a rich seabream dashi broth and the meat added separately after. You could enjoy the flavour of seabream with every mouthful yet it was delicate. Salivating while writing~ 🤤

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the Japanese, however, love Saba and eat it grilled, stewed, canned or raw. I was initially wary because I always thought of Saba as oily with a fishy flavour. It is also due to the oils that Saba turns bad quickly and hence most sushi joints cure it with vinegar and salt to prolong shelf life and prevent Scombroid poisoning.
was happy to be able to try raw Saba/鯖 (Mackerel). presentation of the sushi was pretty with the slits along the skin. surprisingly, it tasted better than I expected - luscious texture, oily aroma and scallion topping which helped rid any lingering fishy flavour 🍣

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otherwise I'd prefer my ootoro slightly torched for the fat to melt away, giving rise to a smoky and aromatic decadence. still more to read and learn about the different parts and types of toro available 🐟🍣 #latergram #omakasesushi #sashimilover #burpple

The miso grilled Iberico collar was a winner! Interesting tapas with an extensive sake menu and cute sake cups (you can choose!) makes for a great wind-down after work. as usual I picked a tokubetsu Junmai again. #latergram #sakelover #chillout #burpple

Prized in Kyushu and not as common in Kanto because being nocturnal, the fish is hard to catch and grows slowly. The best season for Kue is in winter when the Kyushu sumo tournament is held in November and sumo wrestlers enjoy it in a nabe hotpot 🍲

As sashimi, it had a good amount of fat and a nice springy texture. (Zoomed in and saw the layers of fatty muscle, ooooh~) a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed the rather complex flavour - more so than hirame or tai 🍣 #latergram #omakasesushi #sashimilover #burpple

Buri is wild mature form of Japanese amberjack, usually above 3 years old, and comes into season during winter. The flesh is firm and when aburi-ed, the increased fat content break down to yield a complex distinctive aroma. Lucky and yummy~ 🤤 #latergram #omakasesushi #sashimilover #burpple

Isn't hirame also flounder?
So I did some reading up (too many types of flatfishes!!!) and hope I got most of my info right... Hirame/平目 has its eyes and mouth on the left side, has a firmer texture due to swimming around to catch prey and in-season during summer; while Karei/鰈 has its eyes and mouth on the right, is bottom dwelling and hence has a softer richer texture, and in-season during winter.
It's interesting that Hirame is seen as a higher class of shirodane compared to Karei but anything when in-season always wins 🍣 #omakasesushi #latergram #sashimilover #burpple