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we had Anago (穴子), sea eels and underdogs of the more popular freshwater equivalent Unagi (鰻). Torched and lightly marinated with salt, the delicate flavour and soft fluffy texture of the fish shone through. Underdogs rule~ 🐕 #sashimilover #omakasesushi #birthdaydinner #latergram 📷: @hui_min_3 #burpple

and I got served this soon after: Engawa, the muscles from the tail of a hirame (flat fish). other than the interesting crunchy texture and fatty flavour, the taste changes with every bite. almost like an orgasm in the mouth 🙊precious as each flat fish yields just 4 engawa slices! (unfortunately not the best shot but so good I had to share it!) #sashimilover #omakasesushi #wishescometrue #birthdaydinner #latergram #burpple

turns out we got lucky and tried the last batch of Ishigaki clams (石垣貝), or so the chef claims! expected it to be chewy but no, it turned out soft with a light yet sweet seafood umami finish and none of the fishy shellfish taste 😍🐚 no wonder it's prized as a high class sushi dane. #sashimilover #omakasesushi #birthdaydinner #latergram #burpple

🍝 I had the sake butter clams, mushrooms, bacon and a sous vide egg atop angel hair pasta for $7. The duck ragout spaghetti was tender and very affordable at $8. calls back to the roots at Saveur and yay to more #hawkerpreneur #hawkerfoodrocks #cheapandgood #latergram #burpple

He told me to come back and try, and I did. The oils from the fatty chutoro balanced nicely with the puffy texture and umami flavour from the foam. Super love the play of flavours and texture! surprisingly I enjoyed this more than ootoro! intricate details maketh the dish. #sashimilover #burpple

aging sashimi causes the enzymes within the muscles to break down various compounds including one form of amino acids to glutamate which give rise to umami flavour. I'm always excited to taste aged sushi as it's hard to come by in most restaurants unless you pay a high price and it determines the skill of the sushi chef. this was a fine piece of aged sweet prawn which was tender, sweet and appropriately torched to give a smoky flavour. another highlight of the meal for me ❤️🍣 #sashimilover #omakasesushi #burpple

Each mouthful was a buttery aroma of the sea while the ikura complemented the rice with a savoury flavour. went to Uni heaven... 🌈❤️ #sashimilover #foodporn #omakasesushi #burpple