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An underwhelming and expensive high tea that left us unsatisfied and a possibility of losing a limb or two. The desserts not shown in the picture was way too sweet we barely could finish any individual pieces of it.. It also didnt taste sophisticated or had depth in the flavours. It was just flat sweet...
The savory items were decent at best, but didnt wow us. Portions were extremely small as shown in picture and sadly not very yummy..The puff pastry felt like it was just some frozen puffs you got from the supermarket.

The best part of the tea has got to be the self service chocolates. Lol the nut clusters were good and that's kind of about it.

Ambience was good, service was normal. You would be happier off at Morton's next door...

The special chirashi bowl was overflowing with goodness and yummies! Not a fancy place like mikuni next door, but a good fix for sushi and sashimi (:

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Tea set was pricy, hit and misses. The yellow rice with haebee was good. The gula melaka sago dessert was hmmm... overall I wouldn't say it's worth the price. Ambience was really good though ...

The pokebowl felt pretty healthy and clean. Seasoning was a little on the sour side.. for its 1 for 1 price line, totally worth it!

The sushis were amazing, so was the cooked food. Friendly servers with good recommendation. Loved it. Will be back!

It's a nice quiet cafe, but it kind of stops there. The food was mediocre at best.. I had the chicken leg while my friend had the pasta.. the pasta was a nightmare, bland and soggy.. coffee sounded interesting, but I got a bit worried when I saw my orange juice coffee..

The place is located at a pretty quiet place at shaw. Food came out better than expected. The duck confit was a little too salty though . But it was pretty value for money:)

Interesting dishes. Each dish has a unique twist to it. Staff were also superbly friendly which makes the who experience great! Would be back to try the other dishes for sure. They also have their in house one for one promotions running..

Situation in an industrial park, but serves pretty decent food!
Had the mentaiko carbonara, but it was more of a tobiko carbonara as it didnt have the cod roe.. was pretty yummy none the less.
A little jerlat but I guess it wasnt a huge quantity either !
Friend had the steak which was yums if you're on a low carb diet:)
Will be back!

Food was decent, had wanted to used the burrple 1-1 but they only do their expensive omakase. So decided to do ala carte instead, but bill came up to be about the same !
We had the eel foie gras bowl, steak, aburi salmon, chawamushi and drinks..

Given the amount spent, i had higher expectations..
The chawamushi was yums... steak was extremely salty.. eel foie gras bowl was nothing to rave about..

So I'd probably say, go for drinks and snacks!

Had the double toast and shared it with a friend.
Had the avocado and egg and smoked salmon toast.. tasted so so but would consider it pricy without burrple...
Also had their tea lattes though which was quite interesting in comparison..

It's a cool place to hang maybe just for a drink, and merchandise it carries for a greener is pretty limited!

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Got to know about this place after seeing some friends posting about it and giving some raving comments. Was quite excited about it and had wanted to try it out and hoping to purchase their home brew soy sauce but I'd say the chicken noodles were pretty average, I'd rate it 3/5. I think i had the expectation that it will be flavourful like the braised chicken that I am used to having, but it fell short. Staff were pretty friendly though :)