We can’t stop raving about their beer battered fish and thick cut French fries! The Atlantic Haddock was the least fishy and we enjoyed every flakey and fresh bite so so much!

This dish comes with a side of mushy peas and tartar sauce (hold onto your ewwws when you read about the mushy peas). This fresh and creamy mushy peas are like the upgraded version of baked beans served in an American breakfast. We definitely recommend giving this British styled Fish and Chips a try and we advise you to QUEUE EARLY. We reached at 12pm sharp on a Saturday afternoon and we were left with the last table.

$31++ for two cakes and two drinks

Rose Mille Crêpe
Royal Milk Tea Mousse
Matcha Latte
Creme de la Rose

The star of the set definitely had to be the Rose Mille Crêpes, with light crepes and fragrant rose-flavoured pastry cream and a refreshing rose jelly garnish. The Royal Milk Tea Mousse did not have as strong a milk tea taste as we would have like, though the texture of it was fantastically smooth. The drinks were sweet and quite strong, with the green tea and rose flavours being quite forward. Overall, despite all the years, Lady M still serves as a pretty damn good tea/dessert place!

The signature don comes with a generous portion of assorted tempura — literally everything in this bowl is tempura battered and fried (except for the rice). Not only do you get a good selection of vegetables and seafood, you also get this AMAZING deep fried egg poached egg that’s super runny when you break into it.

The ebi chicken don is a good choice for people who don’t want to waste time with useless things like vegetables. You don’t get a fried egg, but you get lots of fried chicken and prawns, though the fried chicken leaves a little to be desired. Sauce up with this amazing mayonnaise — think potato salad without the potato. It’s got onions and boiled egg mixed in, and adds a coolness to the otherwise heavy fried toppings.

Another great thing about Akimitsu is that you get to choose what type of rice you want, so you can order multigrain rice to make yourself feel better about ordering an otherwise totally unhealthy dish.

Swiss roll was fluffy, airy and soft which was coated in generous amount of cream and fruit. Definitely worth all the calories in every bite!! Despite being layered with cream, the fresh fruits cut through the texture, mitigating any overwhelming taste.

The Feather Blade Steak ($21)
Spinach ($7)
Potatoes ($7)
Mushroom ($7)

It was recommended that we go for medium-rare and that didn’t disappoint at all! The meat was juicy and was satisfying with every bite. Our favourite sides had to be the fried skinned potatoes — the crispy potato skin had us going for seconds!

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The eggs were well poached and came out runny, and were served atop a well-seasoned and generous portion of smoked salmon and fresh greens! However, we felt like we waited a little too long for the food to arrive (considering it was fairly empty when we were there), and the bagel itself was quite hard and difficult to cut through.


While it is a little pricey, the deep fried pork cutlet is fried to perfection, neither too fatty nor oily. It’s topped with a generous portion of kombu (kelp) and oroshi (grated daikon radish), and served with a (refillable!) side of cabbage, all of which help to cut through the rich taste of the pork cutlet. You get the choice of brown or white rice on the side, which serves as the perfect complement to the dish.

Their Signature Lobster Roll had generous chunks of lobster bits that went absolutely well with their amazing toasted brioche bun. Topped with the creamy butter sauce, it was simply *French Chef kisses*

We opted to add bacon fo the Mayfair Burger that was complementary with the cheese gooey goodness on top of the beef patty! The only shortcoming of the burger was that it was overcooked — we ordered medium, but it was cooked all the way through.

We highly recommend you shell out the extra $3 and convert the regular fries to truffle fries, they’re super aromatic and topped with Parmesan cheese! Unlike other places that simply drizzle over truffle oil, these fries come with little bits of black truffle so you know you’re getting the ✨real deal✨


Ordering the drink at 30% sweetness is just right, with the aromatic flavour of the matcha being at the forefront, not being overpowered by unnecessary sweetness. Our only gripe was with the pearls, which although had great flavour, were harder than we would have liked, and were missing the chewy texture that you’d usually expect to find in your bubble tea.

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The melty eggs came with a side of portobello mushroom and crusty organic Bayonne ham — a great brunch option


The ice cream had wonderful flavour, without being too sweet to let the black sesame and genmaicha flavour really shine through without being overpowered by sweetness. The only issue was that the black sesame was really melty (it started dripping the minute we received it), while the genmaicha had an inconsistent texture, some of it a little more frosty than the rest.

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Good on its own, but very filling. Don’t order anything else with it or you’ll be super full.

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