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This unagi from Kyushu has been aged for 10 days and grilled till the skin is so crispy that when he cut them into pieces for us, you will hear that delightful crunch! Yums!

This utterly blew me away in flavour. Simply, simply sublime. Notice there’s no ginger or negi here as it wasn’t needed at all. It tasted so good just as is. This was a life changing piece of Aji for me.

Yes, it’s the season now. For a short time frame before they become kohada. It’s laborious making this sushi as you need a lot to form one piece of neta. Here, Chef Kazu-san used 8 for each piece of sushi. Sublime, ありがとうございました

Akagai, hotate, hokkigai and tsubugai, from front to back. The hotate was so sweet that you wish the bite never ends. My first time trying tsubugai. It has a very nice crunch to it. Oishii, Oishii, Oishii is all I can say about this platter of shellfishes.

My first time having this liver. Oishii! Each summer, the pike conger or hamo makes its appearance. It’s tough to prepare as it requires lots of slicing action to crush the bones sufficiently so you can eat them.

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Shiroebi from Toyama and Sazae, turbo shell from Shizuoka. Really oishii and so light and refreshing, almost like a summer breeze. Loved it.

Underneath all that caviar is a sweet luscious Kitamurasaki uni from Yoichi. So sublime, thoroughly enjoyed this with bites of sweet edamame in between for texture.

Such a good and oishii first course, alluding to the enchanted evening ahead of us.

I first heard of this much sought after burger when @aun_koh shared a post on it and thought how lucky he is to have tried this which is only meant for staff meals at @candlenutsg. I had resigned to the fact that I will never be able to get a chance to sample it so you can’t imagine my delight when @veronicaphua asked told @happygreedyfoodie and me about this one month collab at @parkbenchdeli. What’s even better is that for one month only, this burger is available at Park Bench Deli and some proceeds of the burger goes to charity. I digress, back to the burger. It’s really good and to die for! A must for all Peranakan food lovers. Some may say why is the sambal ikan bilis and curry sauce there but seriously, I love it. Every bite was really enjoyable, with bits of chicken cartilage to give you that crunch in the beef patty which is marinated with buah keluak. Juicy, moist and the burst of flavours, it’s one of the most enjoyable burgers that I’ve had. Head there before the month ends


Old school goodness and we finished every strand of it. Resistance was futile. A big thank you to @sakeambrosia for the treat and a lovely evening. Really nice to get reacquainted with the food here. It’s so good.

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