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This came recommended by the owner as well and it was delicious! I’ve never had this before and it sure beats the usual spinach. Gongura is red sorrel and it has a mild tangy flavour. I will definitely order this again. Yums!

They didn’t have as much almonds but lots of fruit. Almost felt like Christmas came early!

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It’s delicious. There’s quite a bit of crunch in it which we all enjoyed. Finally, made our way to Mr. Biryani and am so glad we came early as it fills up pretty quickly.

Binchotan magic and all you need is a dash of red chilli pepper. Loved the fatty bits.

Bite through the crunchy, crispy exterior and you will be rewarded with a soft sweet filling of snow crab meat and cream. Loved it especially with the sauce. It was perfect, balancing out the richness of the croquette.

This was so freaking good. The Murasaki from Hokkaido was so creamy, sweet and had a complex depth to it, like cheese. Pop it into your mouth at one go, shut your eyes as you savour every bite. Simply sublime! Perfect bite to start the weekend, to leave behind the toil of the week. Chef @issey.a0711 thank you for this.

You watch Chef Issey-san prep the sashimi and sushi with such dexterity that sooner or later, you succumb and place your order for some. That’s what happened to us tonight and boy, are we glad we succumbed. This kohada kickstarted our sushi trio and it was an Oishii bite.

Today I decided to try their curry laksa yong tau foo set. Pretty good too with their handmade noodles.