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My Gastronomical Journey

My Gastronomical Journey

Featuring burger joint, Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro, KYUU By Shunsui, People's Park Complex Food Centre, BeerThai House Restaurant (Golden Mile Tower), Soei Restaurant (ร้านเส่ย), Oriental Cravings, 秦小姐豆漿店, 茂園餐廳, 醐同燒肉夜食-胡同燒肉5號店-
Blueskies Cottonclouds
Blueskies Cottonclouds
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Again, really delicious and the prawns were cooked just right. A refreshing main course on a hot day! Our lunch was such a great deal as we opted for the Burpple one for one menu and all that plus a tiramisu came up to less than SGD50 before taxes!


Not your usual pork belly with Apple sauce but I love how innovative they are here. The portion was really generous and we enjoyed it.

Eggplant pepper dip with the softest house baked pita bread to start. It’s as so yummy! No wonder @veronicaphua told me to get all the dips!

When Burnt Ends met Meatsmith, sparks flew and voila, meet their love child, this most delectable beef marmalade cheeseburger. So glad I managed to get my hands on one on the very last day of their collab. This came highly recommended by Veronica and I am so glad I got to try it. Well, for those who didn’t, there’s a chance they may bring this back permanently on the menu from what I heard, judging from the overwhelming feedback. Fingers and toes crossed!

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Here till June, this was delicious, lightly steamed with lots of garlic. So sweet and juicy. They taste almost like mini razor clams.

I had their seafood nabe for lunch this week and it was really delicious. The dashi was made from scratch and had a really light flavour which was perfect for the salmon and prawns. I love how their crockery here are all so pretty. Best part of the meal is that this place doesn’t charge prices which will break your bank account for the quality you get.

I love the soyabean mochi and red bean filling. All this paired with Tamba Natamame tea which was really lovely. Needless to say we bought some of the tea so that we can enjoy it at home. What a superb lunch! Thanks so much Chefs Kimura-san and Akane-san.

The crunchy nori and the soft, moist, handchopped toro, and then there is the pickle that you look forward to in the middle of your chew. Oishii!

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I love this and always look forward to it even though it means the end of my Omakase meal.

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This is precious as Chef Kimura-san made it himself. I still remember watching him prep it. How quickly the year has flown by. As I savoured my gold nugget, I can’t help but be thankful for Chef Kimura-San. For his friendship, his generosity, and mostly, for his smiles and heartwarming sushi. Never fails to lift me up.

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