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My Gastronomical Journey

My Gastronomical Journey

Featuring Kok Sen Restaurant, All Things Delicious, Black Cow, CURATE, Plentyfull, VENUE by Sebastian, Osteria Art, Chef Kang's, Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice, New Lucky Claypot Rice (Holland Drive Market & Food Centre)
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I love their service here, all smiles and really makes you feel at home. The Korean inspired crepe has kimchi and radish to accompany the fried chicken and a sunny side up. Pretty yummy!

May recommended this and I am glad we ordered it. Caramelised pork belly and noodles! So good. Even the kids loved it. So happy to be dining here. No trip back is complete without a meal here. So many familiar faces and I simply love their food

My first time having squid tentacles this way. This is normally deep fried. We enjoyed the crunchy texture. Oishii.

This was yesterday’s line up. Very oishii! Shima aji, Akagai, Aji, Toro, Sawara, Negitoro, Zuke, Kinmedai and Uni Ikura bowl.

Where have I been all this while? Mex Out’s protein bowls are the bomb. I had mine with pulled pork, mango salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Really good and a side order of chips!

I expected it to be crispier on the outside but no complaints. Unlike those that are out to make a quick buck and you can taste more dough than meat and egg, here you get a whole lot of filling wrapped in a thin skin. Love them with the pickled onions. @maukitten thanks for the food tour and for sharing with us your family favourites.

Whilst the chicken was yummy, the star of the show for me was the rice. Full of flavour, it was just so good. You can eat it on its own, without any meat or dalcha. Filled with peas, cashew nuts and raisins, it took a lot of self discipline to refrain from ordering a second helping.