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My Gastronomical Journey

My Gastronomical Journey

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Blueskies Cottonclouds
Blueskies Cottonclouds
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They allowed me to do a half black and half white and told me to eat the white first or else the black would overpower. Verdict: white rules supreme!

It’s funny how surprised my Singaporean friends are with my knowledge of food haunts in Little India. Introducing them to chaats and rotis!

Interesting concept and whilst I like the flavours of the tomyum fettuccine served with mushrooms and a lovely roast pumpkin, I don’t know if I will return. The fettuccine was really soft and not at all al dente.

Thick, rich broth sweetened from the seafood and pork, slurp-worthy till the last drop. The star of the show for me was the pork meatballs! So good, that I added extra portion. Best part of this outlet in Alexandra Village is that they are on ubereats which means I can order in for dinner which I did today. Yes that’s how good this soup is that I had it back to back for two days. Veronica, thanks for this superb recommendation. I can see why you love it so much

Well, mine did from how beautiful this looked and that Chef Akane-san brought the hanami to me. Sakura milk pudding with preserved Sakura flowers, white and red Japanese strawberries and Japanese grapefruit, this dessert course was amazing, simply amazing! Chef Akane-san, thanks for this delightful sweet treat. The milk pudding was so good that I cherished every mouthful, wishing it won’t end.

I love how the pickles add an extra crunch. So oishii. Chef Kimura-san, どうもありがとうございました for this amazing Omakase. Truly, truly it’s my best sushi Omakase meal! Every course was a high. Thank you!

Placed on the crispiest special nori, it’s one of my fav bites

Did you know that miso soup is often served after a meal to help in digestion? This was delicious!

Totally unbecoming in a sushiya where diners dine in a zen like mode. However, when we all dug into our rice bowls, we were so silent that we got Chef Kimura-san worried. He actually asked me, “Is it ok?” It took me a good five seconds to reply very softly, “yes, it’s so good that I am speechless!” Chef Kimura-san is a gem. He always ensures that his guests have a really good time and truly enjoy their meal. Each meal here is a memorable dining experience due to his affable nature and his willingness to educate me on the finer points of sushi.