Indulging in perfectly seasoned, juicy grilled pork. The delightful combination of tangy kimchi, crispy seaweed, and a soft-boiled egg makes this dish even more irresistible!

A nice cup of caffe latte which is topped with sweet caramel with hints of salt. A well balance cup of coffee for the extra boost when you need it.

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Soba, the perfect bowl of noodles for any occasion. Whether you're feeling hungry or just in the mood for a comforting meal, these thin, wheat-based noodles never disappoint.

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Breaded pork katsu topped with rendang sauce and served with stream rice and picked vegetables.

The rendang sauce complement the pork katsu well. However, the katsu was a little tad dry inside. The pickled vegetables is a nice welcome to “cleanse” the palette when eating such a strong tasting dish.

The duck confit was tender and not gamey, while the tagliatelle was perfectly al dente. The sauce was perfect, bringing the dish together and elevating it to another level.

The scramble eggs are done perfectly. Soft, fluffy and perfectly seasoned. It’s a generous portion of food they are serving.


Feeling festive with Eggnog Latte. Taste slightly sweeter cos of the eggnog, but it’s still a delicious cup of coffee. The gingerbread star makes a great complement to the drink.

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A delectable combination of Almond Croissant and Flat White. Simple yet satisfying.


Being someone who loves spicy food, I’ve ordered this as my choice of main. The freshly diced salmon is well marinated with good amount of spicy kick.

I’m surprise with the amount chicken karaage served as side. I honestly wasn’t expecting this many karaage. It’s crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside.

Included with the set will be Miso soup and a cup of iced/hot Hojicha or Americano.

P.S. Enjoy a bigger saving on their set lunch when you signed up for their membership.

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This bowl of rice is topped with flavourful braised pork that has a balanced ratio of lean meat and fats. The mee sua has the authentic Taiwan taste which some places are unable to replicate.

A simple pasta dish yet it was cooked to perfection. The mafalde was al dente and well coated with the delicious sauce. It’s a great dish to have it all by yourself or share it with friends.

Strong nutty pistachio flavour with every bite. What’s not to love it?