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I’d say how I am absolutely amazed by their Chai latte. Tbh, was never a huge fan of one or it wasn’t a go to preference, but took a sip from my friend’s cup and decided that it was going to be my cup forever. Also, they recommended their baked cheesecake, but decided to go for something out of the blues like Thai Tea Baked Cheesecake, cz we were feeling a bit adventurous. Oh boy, I had so much doubts when I ordered it, thinking it was going to be a diabetic scene, but it turns out to be slightly on the bittersweet note, while at the same time having that slight Thai tea floral essence and it blended so well with the baked cheesecake.

So underrated, but beautiful!

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Saw this on the menu, and thought that Japanese Western mix was just sort of another fusion thing that every other cafe was trying to bring. But a bite of this totally change my view on how an ordinary eggs benedict dish can be so eggstraordinary. Hahahha. Pun intended. Bursting with flavours from the egg itself, and the sauce from the unagi, this dish is truly what I’ll come back for the next time. You don’t get too bored of it even after a few bites, and you don’t even realise that it’s fish because the smell is covered up.

Might be a little pricey. But if you’re in for a little treat yo’self day- check this out.

💸 RM40


Be Pork-fied at The Butchers Table. Hidden within the housing area of SS2, you’re surely going to find a pork dish that you love here. Tender meat and amazing mash potatoes. They even have a deli where you can buy your cold cuts and some nitrate free sausages!

Avg price: RM30

Nicely glazed and BBQ-ed to perfection this baby is just uhmayzingggg. Best of all it doesn’t cost a bomb and the portion was pretty generous. (Picture doesn’t best depict the portion of the Char Siu as we ordered them separately).

Avg price: RM10
*non halal

So we’ve got bingsu’s being a trend for a bit, and now hailing all the way from Japan, there’s a shave ice wave going around. You know how when you see a hot guy on the streets and you go like “Daamnnnn, you so fineeeeeee”, it’s pretty much how I’d describe the texture of Mykori’s shave ice. They do have a wide choice of flavours, from Honeydew to Hojicha. Or if you’re a pro, you could even create your own shave ice, but I’d suggest to just to go for the Mount Fuji one which is heir signature. Love how they have lots of bits of fruits or jelly in the pile of shave ice and it doesn’t taste too bland. Good for sharing.

Avg price: RM 25

If you’re looking to just hang around KLCC, sipping on some wine and having just a good view and a good meal Chinoz it is. Sadly, they removed their signature wood fire pizzas off the menu. :( Tried their Chicken Pie, Prawn pasta and the pate. Pretty decent but expect to pay a fancy price for it too. But hey, fountain shows at night is pretty amazing at KLCC tho.

Avg price: RM 50


So I do get some of my malay friends complaining how it’s so hard to find a good dim sum place around. And I think Dolly Dim Sum has made dreams come true. They almost taste like it has pork (except it’s chicken *excuse me*). And love love love the Golden Fried Rice. Topped with fish roe and a generous amount of fresh prawns it’s the perfect fried rice ever. Period. Love how it’s really egg-y and not drenched in oil although you do need to fork out a bit for a plate of fried rice but it’s worth every penny. Take a shot at their Egg Custard Bun (With Salted Egg Yolk fillings) which has a good ratio of pau to Egg Yolk sauce hahahah and their crispy Yam Croquette!

P.S: Visited their Avenue K outlet a couple of times, and I must say the interior is super pretty and they have the perfect natural lighting! ❤️

Avg Price: RM 30

Tucked away at the side of Petaling Street, this place definitely screams hipster. Ordered the Smoked Salmon Toast, one of their best sellers and it tasted amazing. If I could rate the egg on an exam, it'll be 10/10 cz it came looking eggcellent, round and still runny. With generous servings of thick cut slices of salmon, it surely did do justice for its price.

Oh, and did I mention that they serve PASSIONFRUIT TEA here?! Yassssss!

💸: RM 25

Okay the Ikea meatballs is nuff said.

But one really good item everyone left out most of the time is those BUNS. Yes, these plain buns are enough to get you craving for more. Smooth on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Goes perfectly well with the mushroom soup btw!

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My momma told me not to tell lies. So here I am to tell you that it isn't the best laksa I've tasted, but you could say it's the best around the area.

Personally, really loved the thick laksa broth and how it's kinda spicy at the same time a little sour-ish. Almost tasted like curry mee but not there yet.

💸 Avg price: RM 7


For warm and soupy days// A bowl of soup made on the spot with love from aunty during this rainy season is all you need to satisfy your soupy cravings! Although I must say the broth is slightly towards the sweeter side, but then again it is what is making me come back for MORE! Best part; they've got the runny egg in your bowl of noodles so you don't have to be annoying and remind aunty about it!

💸 Avg: RM10

You know how somedays you just want to be fancy af? This is me today. Instead of your average chicken chop rice, this place takes your average Chinese dishes and comes up with a magical dish from outta space. (Explains the blue coloured rice.) Now it makes me think Chef Hong is a rebel of a kind.

Here is a plate of Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Chop Rice, served with sweet corn and a side of that extra salted egg yolk sauce.
Was pretty skeptic all when I first saw the dish, but oh boy, 1 taste was enough to change my mind. Rice was fragrant, and the chicken chop was nicely marinated and grilled. Drench some of that salted egg yolk sauce over, and damn it actually taste pretty good. A little tad bit sweet, but still very fragrant.

💸 Avg price: RM 30