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Oh wow. Amazing bar snacks. The crispy kailan and the waffles (not in picture) tasted so amazing. Particularly great with the light and refreshing craft beer (Pomelo IPA) that I had.


Creamier hardly needs introduction. Comfort food on a warm day! Had peanut butter and jelly and salted gula melaka ice cream - certainly did not disappoint! The waffles were soft and fluffy in the inside.

At just $13 for this huge bowl of chirashi, this must be one of the best steals in town. Good quantity of fish!!
Unfortunately, if you are looking for something of a higher quality, you would have to look elsewhere as the fish can get a tad rubbery and it lacks the freshness that higher quality fish possess.
All in all a value for money place... that is if you can put with something of a lower quality!


2 thick slabs of yummy but sinful tonkatsu chicken sandwiched between 2 pieces of well buttered and thick but soft white bread. The steaming hot juice from the chicken just squirts out when you bite down the excessive thick tonkatsu sandwich, delivering you from the boring looking cafe to instant chicken heaven. YUMZ. The chips by the side is also nice to snack on, but it can hardly steal the show from the main lead beside it.

Get the half double decker tonkatsu if you are feeling just mildly hungry. Go for the whole version if you are famished and would like some challenge to finish it. 😋

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New collaborated flavor exclusively at Gilman barracks. Love the black sesame fragrance!


This is one of the best desserts I’ve had at Ah Chew! The sweetness of the yam complements the milky soup. And the chewy sago gives it an additional layer of texture, transforming this simple dessert into dessert heaven!

Thin sliced pieces of meat with spring onion which you grill on the tabletop grill provided.
This being their top recommended dish did not disappoint. It was well marinated and the meat was of good quality!

Just visited the relatively new hawker centre in Yishun. Like other hawker centers, it had a huge variety of local food. I eventually chose to have the prawn noodle from the prawn noodle stall and it sure did not disappoint (there are other noodle stalls that sells prawn noodle as one of their noodle types... which I’m sure is not that nice due to the lack of specialization). The soup had a great prawn aroma and the pork ribs fell off the bones and melted in my mouth so easily! The pork ribs were also really well seasoned as the prawn taste had thoroughly infused into it.
I had yellow noodles with it , but I think a mix of noodles with kuay teow would be better as the kuay teow would help to neutralize the slightly salty prawn soup.
Overall this is something that I’ll get again when I’m back here


Also this hawker centre has a few innovative concepts that i thoroughly support:
(1) payment by scanning of QR code
(2) tray deposit of $0.50, which one would get back when one returns the tray to the tray return point.
(3) [email protected] and [email protected] are both available at this hawker centre

I enjoy seeing Singapore progressing as a technologically advanced and socially aware country! This is a small step in the right direction!

ABSOLUTELY SUCCULENT. The best Korean fried chicken I’ve ever had. The chicken retains so much of its juice and the skin is so crispy. One would expect that there would be the occasional dry piece of chicken due to over frying because of the uneven size of the chicken pieces... but surprisingly all the pieces were juicy to the core! I would love to visit here often but unfortunately the price is slightly off putting...


Non entree is not your typical desert shop. It serves playful desert like nasi lemak desert, rubber ducky desert and more. The chocolate avalanche is one of the more normal ones.

Unfortunately I felt that the deserts were more gimmicky than anything else. They were not particularly tasty and they were all quite expensive! Clearly they are targeting those seeking an ‘experience’ rather than those looking for ‘real desert’.

Would only visit this place if I’m looking for some fun or a place to bring a date to.

Great honey aroma and thankfully it was not artificially sweet. The scoop was huge for the price as well! Would visit it again if I’m in the area!


Perfectly seared beef slices with such whole egg. The hint of truffle in the sauce just sealed the deal for me. How could I only have just gone to this place now??
The foie gras is passable but IMO not completely necessary. Wasn’t blown away by it but couldn’t find much fault with it either.

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