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Cafe Hops

Featuring Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, Sin Lee Foods, Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe (Taman Pelangi), Grand jeté cafe & bar
Cs K
Cs K

2 thick slabs of yummy but sinful tonkatsu chicken sandwiched between 2 pieces of well buttered and thick but soft white bread. The steaming hot juice from the chicken just squirts out when you bite down the excessive thick tonkatsu sandwich, delivering you from the boring looking cafe to instant chicken heaven. YUMZ. The chips by the side is also nice to snack on, but it can hardly steal the show from the main lead beside it.

Get the half double decker tonkatsu if you are feeling just mildly hungry. Go for the whole version if you are famished and would like some challenge to finish it. 😋

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Yum yum. A must get if you are at Sin Lee for lunch/dinner. The sweet potato fries are well-cut and are of relatively even size and so they are all evenly fried, which I think is something that's very important for fries. The salted egg sauce is also well-made - creamy with adequate salted egg aroma without being gelat. It leans slightly to the sweet side though, so you might be disappointed if you prefer the savory kind.

Price: $17.50 with GST. Verdict: no no. Like the matcha pancake, this French toast failed to live up to the expectations that it created as a result of its excellent look. There are just 2 words to describe this: bland and bland. And maybe burnt. As a desert dish (and a French toast at that), one would naturally expect ones sweet tooth cravings to be satisfied, but this just left me out and dry. The toast was bland, the interior was dry, and the exterior was slightly burnt. There was also no/ hardly syrup of any kind that could possibly save the day. The small scoop of ice cream hardly cut it. Sorry pacamara but this trip turned out to be quite a disappointment. Hopefully the next change in menu would bring something better. Until then, I don't think I'll be back for desert anytime soon.


Price: $17.50 with GST. Verdict: no not really. Was having a matcha and pancake craving so what better way to satisfy that craving than this. But unfortunately, this turned out to be quite a disappointment. Although I was extremely stoked when I first saw this being brought to us (due to the excellent look of it), i became really disappointed soon after due to the taste (or lack of). Very generally speaking, this matcha pancake is simply not sweet enough. All the components are unusually bland. The azuki (i.e. Red color paste at the foreground) was not only bland but also failed to cohere with the matcha pancake; you are basically adding dry (i.e. the azuki) on dry (i.e. the pancake). The essential scoop of ice cream saved this dish a little, but there was simply way too little of that. The little cup on the left contained sweet condensed milk, but it was also not sweet enough. Given this, my poor matcha craving is sorely unsatisfied and seems like I'll bear with it for the moment.

P.s. They have recently only changed their menu and I believe this is a new dish. They are no longer selling the sticky date pudding pancake as that belonged to the previous menu.


Price: ~7RM. This salted egg croissant is 👍🏻. Great for it's price. The salted egg filling was sufficiently sweet without being overly so. The amount of salted egg filling is also really generous. The croissant also had a good crispy texture on the outside and fluffy texture on the inside. Seven oaks starts selling the croissant at about 2pm each day (I think) so don't go too early!


Price: $12. Verdict - worth it for the price. For $12 sin lee gives you a large slab of chicken, a generous topping of salted egg sauce and a side of slaw. Although this is termed a burger, it should have been called chicken with salted egg sauce and bread. This is because the chicken was wayy too large to fit as a burger (although you can trim the chicken yourself to make it fit as a burger). The chicken was somewhat tasteless on its own but it fitted well with the salted egg sauce. While I thought the salted egg sauce was just right, my friends beg to differ and thought that it was not sweet enough. The only problem I had with this burger was the bun. I didn't like it cause it resembled those buns you could buy from NTUC off the rack - too dry and not fluffy enough. Though I wouldn't take this too hard on sin lee since it is a cafe and not a burger shop like wildfire. So if you looking to have some REAL burgers, please go elsewhere. But if you looking for some novel cafe food, head down to sin lee and get the really affordable $12 salted egg burger


Cs K

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