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What can I say, it’s my #1 burger joint in Singapore (as of now); perfect juicy cheeseburgers 😚 Their onion rings are my FAVORITE, a MUST-GET!!! The batter is a 10/10. Wouldn’t say it’s overpriced considering it’s in MBS and for the food quality and service you receive 👍🏻

Homemade rolled oats with berries were good, wouldn’t say it’s worth $15++ but I guess I’m paying for the ambience as well. The cauliflower and cheese ($6++) was really good, perfect substitute for a Mac & Cheese!

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My favorite ramen to have in town, thick and robust broth accompanied with the aroma from the garlic oil 🔥 Customers are also able to enjoy a Regular Size ($12.90++) and a Japan Size ($15.90++). Only downside... no free eggs 🤪

Went at 12pm and was welcomed by a long line of CBD employees 🥵 Luckily they opened up their extension and we were able to get a table within 10 minutes of waiting. Nasi Lemak was decent (sambal chili was good, but not reminiscent of the authentic chili/ fried chicken was honestly... dry ☹️) on the sides: sambal sotong and sayur lemak were good but definitely not at the price point of $10.80++ and $8.5++ respectively!!! Overall a 7/10

In my opinion, a better alternative to Udders along the Thomson stretch. The waffle was crispy and the ice cream was yums too 🤘🏻

A good ol’ bowl of ba chor mee, might be slightly overrated but I’ve had this since I was young so it’s not just a simple bowl of bcm. Other recommendations would be their fishball noodles and chicken cutlet noodles! Plus point, it opens for supper 🤤

A huge variety of tempura (2 prawns, 1 squid, 1 crabmeat, long beans, 1 juicy mushroom, 1 corn, 1 pumpkin) in this bowl of goodness. Go at around 1120 to beat the queue and waiting time because I waited 40 minutes despite being seated at 1140 😟 other than the waiting time because of the food prep, the food was good!

The famous mentaiko mac and cheese that deserves a shout-out! The mentaiko flavor was very strong, the cheese was not too “je-lak” as well. Their truffle fries ($11) was very impressive as well, crispy and was doused in truffle oil. Overall recommended, will be back to try more mains next time 🤤

Added an extra patty ($2++) in to my burger and it was yums! One of the more affordable and delicious burger I’ve had in a cafe for a while. The chicken nibblets paired with seared mayo was good as well, a lot for the amount we paid for! My healthy bowl ($14++) which contained cauliflower rice and hummus, topped with sousvide chicken was good too but the bowl was abit tiny and chicken was tougher than my liking. Would come back though, coffee was good.

Sad that it was rather empty on a Saturday brunch, a little too underrated!

I have been dreaming of this day since I had this at London’s Burger & Lobster. The lobster in the lobster roll ($40++) was extremely succulent and juicy, topped off with the drool-worthy garlic butter sauce *slurpz*. Fries were crispy (though not hot), and overall ambience was even better than I last remembered. Had the Mayfair ($25++) as well, a good burger - all in all, will come back!

Queued from 5-5.45pm, got the food around 6? Queue was long when I left so lucky me!!!

Another day, another bowl of granola and yogurt. The portion was huge, very worth for the $12 (no extra charges!!!) that I was paying for. Opted out the melons and they changed them to bananas for me - liked the flexibility. Cajun fries ($7) were not bad too, if you like thicker cut fries, would still order it the next time round.

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Another cafe, another granola bowl - something I cannot get sick of! It was pretty filling, had a huge serving of yogurt and granola. Not a fan of melons though, would opt out the next time. My friend ordered the Grilled Juicy Chilli Boneless Chicken ($25++), don’t get it if you’re not a fan of spicy food. Reminded me of the chicken from
Nandos, but slightly better! Portion was huge, but it’s not cheap so I guess at least it’s worth.

Iced mocha was pretty good, one of the better ones I’ve had in Singapore!