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We were just looking for something light to catch up over and since Lalune offered a deal we just gave it a try. It was $12.80 for 2 croissants+1 drink x2 (bc 1 for 1). I tried the lime oolong tea 0% sugar and it just tasted like water, there was no oolong or lime taste. The lady warned me that 0% would be super sour and I was looking forward to that but even after using the straw to poke at the lime slices it still tasted like nothing. As for the pastries I chose the chocolate croissant and the hazelnut danish and they got heated up for us, the croissant was pretty good, the chocolate was really rich but the croissant was just super oily when I pinched it to tear it apart I could see the butter/oil oozing out LOL. The hazelnut danish was average, just Nutella inside some puff pastry. I wouldn’t mind having the croissant again but maybe I’d have to skip lunch for it bc it’s so sinful haha

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Used Burpple 1-for-1 here, it was a tough choice between 2 pastas or 1 pasta and 1 pizza but we ended up with the latter. unfortunately it didn’t apply to their Specials on the board which offered truffle pizza so we settled for Quattro Formaggi. For the pasta we got the Nero di Seppia. I loved the spaghetti it was aldente and the squid ink sauce was just the right consistency not too thick or thin (which many other places have failed in both these aspects). I didn’t rly like one of the cheeses used on the pizza i think it was the feta, idky but it just tasted like overly creamy cream cheese?? Would’ve liked more Gorgonzola hahaha.


Got the Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio. (Soz not gna put in all the åúê thingies LOL) anw it was good, my pork was well marinated and the sauce wasn’t too sweet like So Pho imo. The fresh spring rolls thoooo it was defo too much noods hidin in there!! I still like Mrs Pho tho, q authentic even the employees are Vietnamese. Next time I’ll try to Ban Xeo Bc my momma rly likes that

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It was stated on the menu that the eggs would take about 20mjn but it cAme in less than 10?! The coffee was good we ended up getting a second cup. They were rly generous with the fries it was such a big serving! Populous is always a good choice 😍

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I also got to try the avo toast and they were rlyyyy generous with the avo. The caramelised onion, feta, creamy avo and grilled mushrooms went well tgt. Yum! I thought Alkaff mansion was gone aft the previous Italian restaurant didn’t renew their lease but this cafe took over! Rly liked the venue and ambience, you can even sit outdoors on these floofy chairs!!!! But I mean sg is a furnace so maybe not.... anw I would love to visit their other outlet at seletar, it looks beauuuuutiful

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Just that she gave me a lot of noodles and less soup haha. I couldn’t finish the noodles it was too much but drained all the soup LOL. But the fish was good, not overcooked like some other places. 🤗
I waited too long to break my egg my yolk had cooked through. Amateur me committed amateur mistake 😔

But it was overall very flavorful! The yolk of the added sous vide egg gave it extra creaminess 😊

Aburi salmon with cheese/Tarako/olive & black truffle, spicy salmon Inari and salmon maki with tenkasu. Shared amongst 3 happy friends but after a while got a wee bit gelat. Still finished it anw 😋 always thought itacho sushi had good quality fish, slices were thick and the fish was fresh! Rice wasn’t too hard and there was a good ratio of fish:rice!👍🏻 Thx @grabfoodsg 4 the discounts these few weeks!!! We ordered in itacho sushi for dinner @ utown hehe. (Unfortunately our delivery was late again...) #scrumptioussavingswithsteph #burpple

So we wanted to order the cold uni capellini but we accidentally ordered this from their “daily special”. Idek what was this. It was just pasta with some uni sauce topped with uni hahaha. Tbh tasted like mee kia noodles with uni, I quite liked it but I don’t think I would pay for this again. We didn’t realise how much this cost till we saw the bill. it was $90..... #burpple


Aft studying at nus Steph wanted supper LOL so we headed to get acai. #burpple 1-1 gave us large acais once again🎉. Steph was eating while I was driving, I could only take spoonfuls at the traffic light hahaha this time I couldn’t finish it so I stuck the leftover in the freezer when I got home and had it for dessert the next day yay!!!!