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New flavour launched about 2 months back. I’ve never tried the original or cheese flavour prior to this. TBH I don’t get the hype. I wasn’t blown away by the taste and it wasn’t addictive, more like “ok lor”.

This place has been featured on a few websites before. It used to be cheaper. It’s like a mini/simple tze char stall selling mostly one dish meals. At least half the people were having the same salted egg dish as I was. Their tea was horrible and bland though. Stick with canned drinks if you plan to patronize.


Fried chicken cooked with onions in nanban sauce. I had this to go, and had it for lunch the next day. A little soggy, but still good.

Before dining at Torikin, I have NEVER EVER had innards before. This dish is made up of beef intestines and beef heart, with vegetables of course. I ate a piece of beef heart by mistake (ewww), but the beef intestines were tasteless in a good way! It absorbed the sauce/dressing from the dish.


58 degree sous vide beef with macaroni bolognese and a bed of greens.

Meal prepped these for the coming week. Just eggs, cream cheese, baking powder and matcha powder.

Lettuce, sliced beef, 2 types of cheese, onions and peppers? Or was that green chili? The chicken burger came with tomatoes instead of the unidentified green food. They’re open to takeaways too if you can’t finish your meal.

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$20 (excluding GST, no service charge) for a huge ass 22cm burger! Choose between beef or chicken. I got both. Sides and drinks are sold separately. They have a condiment dispenser machine with like 5-6 sauces that you can help yourself FOC. There was no need for that as the meat was very well marinated. I went to Monster Burger, mentally prepared that the burger is gonna look better than it tastes but I was wrong. Was surprised to see that the beef burger came with thinly sliced beef instead of minced beef patty. The chicken burger came with 4 huge chunks of chicken thigh. I hope they run another 1 for 1 promo again cos it was so damn worth it!

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My first time at Rocky Master even though they’ve been around for over a decade 😂

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This place is packed on weekends and I heard the wait time can be up to an hour for the food. Price is very reasonable considering it’s in Bukit Timah. They’re only open at night (closed on Wednesday). The coffee shop is a dead town in the day. They have several items off the menu, so just ask the Aunty if you’re not sure. I was recommended 2 non menu items. The soup and the salted egg dish. Total damage around $35 for 3 pax 👍🏻

This dish is under their Daily Specials. A seasonal item I believe. Abit little for $15, but the chincalok was good!


Sum Kee is sharing the same grounds as what looks like a Buddhist Society. One of their signature dishes is the ultraman chicken. In short, it’s salted egg yolk chicken. They have AC and non AC seating. The place was almost full on a weekday night. The food is decent but I find their prices a little more expensive than the usual tze char restaurant.