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Went on a coffee hunt around sg- CSHH is a branch of PPP coffee and uses these local coffee beans in their coffee! Envt was very cozy and loved the exterior hardware shop rustic feels.
Got a raisin danish just to fill the tummy but it wasn’t warmed that properly and we had to ask the staff twice to warm it up.
Coffee itself was good, not too milky nor acidic and I liked the good soy milk used in the soy latte as well 😊
Coffee: 7/10
Environment: 8/10

Super aesthetic as per the decor and quality matcha with milk πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Genmaicha latte was also really nice!

Not too spicy and quite generous with the crab meat, so overall quite pleased with this dish. Got it 1 for 1 with beyond, not sure if I would pay full price for this. Quite flavorful but somehow lacked a punch to it, would rate it as a fairly yummy but not a must try dish.


TCA was really generous with the truffle oil for this one- truffle lovers would love this! πŸ˜‹πŸ₯° As usual, their crust was super thin and does not disappoint. Cheese was amazing and not too dry, mushrooms were amazing and not too overpowering. Each bite was filled with tons of flavour. Thumbs up!

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Tasted quite normal but still yummy nonetheless. Good deal with beyond ☺️ Still prefer their laksa pizza over this!

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Tried the smoked duck dumpling and fried pierogi dumpling, both were really amazing!
Smoked duck was really generous and bursting with flavour, ate it in one huge bite together with the balsamic-drizzled caramelized sweet leeks and it blended perfectly!
The fried pierogi tasted a little more western/ fusion and was really good nonetheless, would definitely order both again. Pity it’s no longer on burpple beyond.
Egg noodles tasted quite normal, I guess the braised pork sauce does make it a little nicer! Overall would really recommend the smoked duck dumplings!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Second time ordering this and no regrets! Good ol mac n cheese fried golden brown with a super tasty and flavourful chicken steak slice! 100% would recommend and the cheese is so so generous πŸ˜‹ Dip it with the raspberry sauce drizzled at the side for a little zesty sweetness to this savoury dish!

This was really good! Mantou was deep fried golden brown with crispy skin, without compromising on the fluffiness within! The bread itself was so good, but the chili crab just made it ten times better. It was tasty, not too spicy, and they were really generous with the crab meat shreds! Yum!! A little pricey but really worth πŸ‘πŸ»

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Very good!!!!! Taro milk was better than milksha in my opinion and adding brown sugar to taro milk is probably the best decision ever made. The brown sugar pearls are super chewy and flavorful and to me, better than tiger sugar, but I feel like the milkiness of tiger sugar wins in terms of creaminess. ✨

This seemed like a twist to the classic berry ricotta pancakes, with the addition of espresso orange butter. The butter was quite a thick spread and tasted more like a lemon paste, would have been better if the coffee aroma was thicker. The lemon taste was quite rich, I ended up putting some butter aside. I loved how they added muesli granola to give some crunch to the otherwise sweet and soft pancake. Worth a try!

This was served in a cute frying pan and we loved it! Quite yummy but the rosti could be more crispy. It ended up being very stringy and hard to cut. Was a little oily, but overall still fairly tasty when eaten together with smoked salmon. Got this as part of a 1 for 1 deal and I will be back to try the other dishes at oriole!

We expected a small plate but this appetizer was surprisingly a large portion and was yummy too!! Each shiitake mushroom was breaded and pan fried nicely without being too oily and it went very well with the dip!