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Salmon was done well, was tender and tasty. Spaghetti on the other hand was quite bland. The cream sauce wasn't well infused.
Iberico pork chop not shown here was tender and tasty though!

Aburi: While aburi cheese consisted mainly of a slice of craft cheese placed on top of the tako balls before being torched, felt that it complemented the dish well.
Chilli crab: slightly spicy. Quite an interesting combination though I'll probably just go with the aburi one next time.

We went with black pepper crab pasta and pesto chicken pasta.
Black pepper: sweet, spicy in one, with generous amount of crab meat. Good combination, loved this dish though I don't reckon it to be for everyone since it was rather sweet.
Pesto chicken: think creamy, with tender chicken for meat lovers

Tea puffs: matcha and passion fruit - former was slightly bitter while latter was refreshing in taste. Both were light and suitable for afternoon tea.
Tea: went with mocktails which were thirst quenching

Service was good and food was not too bad. Personally preferred the garlic shrimp pizza compared to the remaining three. Thought that the pepperoni was a tad salty but my friend loved it

Pardon the image, only recalled after we started with our mains! Loved the tomyam river prawn noodles. Soup was tasty, more towards the spicier side which was right up my alley. Seafood basil fried rice was alright but ingredients were rather little. We were super thirsty after the meal though~

Utilized burpple beyond for Tom yam pizza and garlic snowing pizza. Bf preferred tom yam while I'd go with garlic snowing. Sauce in latter was unique and tasty, but may feel surfeited so it's good to share. Tom yam taste was legit and refreshing