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The chicken was flavourful!! However the fried rice was just rice with the taste of MSG! :(( not really my cup of tea for sure!! Maybe if you are Super hungry this set would be super delicious to you!!

Super nice cafe to chill the interior design was super pretty kinda of look like IKEA 😂
The hotcakes needed a 30 minutes wait as they freshly make it!
Hotcakes was definitely fresh soft and fluffy!! Of cause it was Super pretty to look at!! Glad that the i team didn’t melt like crazy after a few shots!!

To be honest the hotcakes didn’t surprise me as much as it actually taste like a normal pancake but just a little more fluffy and bigger!!

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$12 if I’m not wrong
It’s just a normal açai bowl that looks cute in a heart shape bowl!! Definitely wish they could give a little more because the portions was kind of small!!

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Tried a piece of the brownie I would say that you can really taste that is definitely like a homemade recipe!! I never tried a brownie with like a little honey aftertastes? Also the cake chocolate was rich!!

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$8.50 include chocolate molten cookie + single scoop ice cream
We ordered Ferrero ice cream flavour which was a premium flavour so we had to add $1.00
The ice cream was super nice and flavourful!!
The cookie would be just normal cookie!!
To me this is actually kind of overprice? So if I wanna go back I would just get their ice cream!! As they have many interesting flavours there!! :))

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Brisket: Smoked brisket, House relish, Emmental & Dijon $14
Had to wait for them to bake a new batch of bagels when I reached there!! & they only left with original bagels!! :((
Love the combination of all the meat and the sauce!!
Definitely would recommend this if you can eat beef!!
My friend ordered the Bo-ssam, I tried it but didn’t like it as the taste was super strong and also the pork collar was kind of hard to chew!! 🙈🙉🙉
To me is just an average bagels? Expected more!! 🙉🙊🙈

The place environment is nice and grand. I would say that the toast taste not bad but it just taste like a normal Shibuya toast you see anywhere! There isn’t any like super amazing about it.

My last time trying was last year but it was mango! Which tasted great. But now I tried a new flavour and also they change it to 2 different size the price is abit more expensive. And what I felt was that it is not worth my money. Because I can’t really taste the Thai milk tea taste from the sauce on the toast and the ice cream. Quite disappointed :(

Was kind of disappointed as quite a lot of drinks are out of stock so I had to get the normal milk tea. The pearl were actually the fact that this brand is very popular.
I won’t lie the pearl is pretty special, the black sesame taste is pretty strong, burnt sugar just taste like what it is and the pink cactus is nice but because of the black sesame is way to over powering.
I would love to try their other drinks if only the queuing and waiting time is shorter.

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Honestly speaking everything we ordered only the pork chop is good. The noodle is okay the soup was actually close to tasteless. Not really worth the money. 😅

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I finally tried the rave Brown sugar boba drink.
I’m actually not a fan of milk so I ordered the normal milk tea and brown sugar boba for toppings!
But what I realized when I was drinking was that they gave me milk than milk tea. 🤦‍♀️ I wanted to change but it was a long queue plus I waiting for 15++ min because they were cooking the brown sugar boba. But I would say that the boba is actually not bad at all! :)
I’m not sure if I’m into this trend, but I personally feel if you like milk you will definitely love this drink but for me. It’s like a meh~

This is the large flower bowl that cost $14.50
Want a healthy treat this is definitely a place to go!! It taste like berry sorbet with healthy fruits and topping like cacao nibs and chia seeds!
Definitely will go back!