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$10.90++ per set and top $1 for a drink.
Me and my friend choose Spicy BBQ and Garlic flavour.
Both flavours are quite plain. But the Spicy BBQ was abit better than the garlic flavour. The scramble eggs and salad are just normal tasting.
Will I go back? Not really :(

Best pizza and fried chicken place!!
Flat bread at the bottom is delicious and there are a few variations.
The original flavoured fried chicken which comes with ranch is also super good fresh and crispy!! Even the spicy ones are very good even after the sauce coating.
The drink are okay not to my liking :)

If you are craving for Thai food, you can go there to taste some of their dishes. I would say the dishes are not bad but not like amazing. All the dishes are around $10/pax ( pretty affordable for an authentic Thai food)
Would I go back? Not really as I’m not really into Thai food :)) But if you have sudden craving for Thai food that might be the place to go!!

The price for two packets are around $26++
Not the most expensive but not the cheapest as well.
I ordered 微辣 which is the lowest level for the spiciness. To be honest for me, it doesn’t have the kick for the spicy part but fragrance of the mala is quite nice! (Suitable for people who doesn’t eat Super spicy food)
Definitely will go back again but maybe order like 大辣!😂


Jerry’s Beef Burger :$8.20
Looks good, but this dish just taste like the Ramly Burger you can find in Pasar Malam. Plus the taste of coleslaw over powers the meat.
Cajun Chicken with spaghetti :$7.20
Spaghetti doesn’t have much taste, the chicken is not bad.
BBQ Chicken :$7.20
One of the most okay dish out of the four.
Tender Steak :$11.80
The beef was heavy marinated by the herbs so end up the taste was towards the bitter side.
Overall, the fries and the BBQ Chicken would be the only dish I will recommend.
Also, it’s halal certified!! :))

Will I come back? Not really 😅

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