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Volcanic Sapphire Whale - bright blue top, coconut milk and amber jelly. The blue comes from spirulina (a blue-green algae superfood) for extra boost of nutrients. Honestly, it doesn’t contribute any taste at all. The main flavour still comes from the coconut milk (quite strong coconut taste) which is different from the usual rich, sweet and milky flavours. The amber jelly at the bottom are actually collagen, something healthier and different from the usual boba pearls.
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Steak was tender, and the black pepper sauce was really peppery and nice! The mushroom potato gratin was really yummy, not salty at all! I feel like asking the staff if I could have another portion of the gratin! The bowl of mixed edamame, white beans and vegetables were disappointing, I felt that it was overcooked as it’s too soft and mushy.

White rabbit drink - a blast from the past, a familiar and well known childhood candy! Not as sweet as I expected, which was good! The pearls were super soft and chewy!

Fresh tomato rice topped with fluffy egg and cheese, sooo fluffy!! Varieties of mushrooms and meat can be found inside too, this means it contains pork and beef. Creamy and cheesy, perfect for cheese lover like me, not forgetting the fluffy soft clouds of eggs! Oooh so yummy!

Laska Pasta - Not your usual kind of red orange laska, but this creamy laska can spice up your life too. The laska taste was present and spicy despite it being creamy, and generously topped with chunks of crabmeat! A little sad as the noodles were overcooked, too soft.

Crispy buttermilk chicken - nothing special about it. The other side of the fried egg was burnt, all black. Small chunks of kimchi between the base of the burger bun and the chicken. So-so for this burger.
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Taiwan No.1 Brown Sugar Boba Milk, 100% natural brown sugar and freshly made boba!
Perfect for milk lovers due to the strong milky taste. The boba are freshly made with natural raw brown sugar, leaving me with sweet and fragrance boba as I chewed.


33% milk chocolate and 85% dark chocolate with sesame waffle - it’s the bomb! I was totally drunk with the dark chocolate ice cream, so dark so chocolate-ly! The milk chocolate ice cream was perfect, not too sweet or bitter, well-balanced. I am not a fan of sesame but this sesame waffle was too good, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The smell and the taste of the sesame was just nice too.

Newly opened this month - All the way from Prague to Singapore!

Featuring Chimney Devil - refreshing carbon yoghurt ice cream paired with crispy coconut flakes chimney cone.

I couldn’t really taste the carbon but could taste the strong refreshing sour yoghurt from the ice cream, perfect for yoghurt lover! The devil’s horns are fondant sugar, and the piece of chocolate is dark chocolate. As for the coconut flakes chimney cone, crispy and yummy. I was surprised to see dark chocolate coated inside the chimney cone. Everything just goes so well together!

Roast Duck - So tender and smooth, fragrance and goes well with their plum sauce!

Char Siew - Tender, flavourful, paired with the sweet sauce! Perfect!

Crackling Roast Pork - Crispy and the juice burst in your mouth with every bite, sinful and yummy!

This is really the best cruffin, worth all the calories intake! The coffee lava oozes out with every bite, thick strong bitter coffee taste goes well with the sweet sugar coating.

Chew on the tender soft chewy pearls with every slurp of brown sugar milk! Strong milk taste, suitable for milk lovers!

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Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos 🌮 - I am not a fan of fish but I love this fish fillet taco! The fish is so soft, smooth and fresh, paired with the sweet sour mango salsa! Burppp!