$19++ for a bowl of “everything”. Goes best with their chunky garlic flakes!

Good for sharing, and do sit outside, so that you get a nice view of the cascading waterfall


The dish was a delight to eat, and you can tell from the picture that the prawns and cuttlefish used were of high quality. Only downer was that there was not enough “kwayteow” 😂

Doesn’t look like other “normal” bowls of Tom Yum, BUT... the seafood used here felt more premium and fresh. Taste of the soup also packed more punch, and left us wanting for more.

Loved the spicy chicken from McD Thailand... they tasted like McSpicy with bones 😂 Can we please have these @mcdsg ?

The pork is so tender and so oily... It just keeps you wanting more! Do order it if you have not tried it before!

Both are very tasty dishes, and they have become a MUST EAT for many who visit the Pratunam area