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Came here for lunch with my friend.

We ordered the Quinta pizza ($19 for M)- Tomato, Mozzarella, Egg and Black Truffle Paste. The first thing that hits you is the truffle aroma and then you take a bite and what fills your mouth is an earthy taste with some acidity from the tomato sauce. Really good and the crust was quite crispy too.

Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola ($18)- Gratinated homemade Potato Dumplings with Gorgonzola, cream and ham. Take a scoop of it and what you get is the taste of blue cheese that is not too strong but just nicely balanced with the cream that makes you crave for seconds. The potato dumpling was good as well. It was perfectly cooked and too soft or mushy.

Calamari ($14)- Crispy squid rings with Arriabiata sauce and Truffle Mayo. The batter was really crispy but could be seasoned more. Calamari tasted quite under seasoned. Arriabiata sauce is served room temperature and added savoury and acidity to the mild tasting squid. Mayo had very mild taste of truffle. Maybe my pizza and gnocchi killed my tastebuds. Oh well.

Passionfruit Iced Tea ($4.80). Tea was good but slightly a bit sweet for my liking.

Servers on that day were friendly and food didn't take too long to arrive.

Overall a good place to have a meal but skip the calamari.

Had pizza delivered to my place. Ordered the sharing bundle which consist of 3 Classic slices + 4 pcs Wings + 1 Popcorn Chicken + 2 Drinks(Coke or Sprite). Chose Firery Hot Chick, Pepperoni Party and Hola Hawaiian.

Firery Hot Chick consist of chicken, extra spicy chili sauce, red chillies, green & red peppers, mozzarella and crispy fish chilli. It was really good and quite spicy. The chillies gave the pizza a good crunch, especially the crispy fish chilli. It was my favourite among the three.

Pepperoni Party is mainly beef pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. I like how the pizza is just covered with pepperoni. It was not bad, quite good.

Hola Hawaiian consist of Turkey ham, bacon, sweet pineapples, cheddar and mozzarella. It was quite disappointing out of the three flavours that I chose. The cheese was kind of separated from the crust, like the cheese did not gel with the crust. Pineapple aren't as sweet or watery which is to my preference. But overall wasn't as good the the previous two flavours.

The wings were not bad, it was flavourful but just not as good as pizza hut. Popcorn chicken on the other hand was kind of disappointing as it was lacking in flavour.

(P.s. The three pizza slices were cut into half as I was sharing with my bro. So one slice is actually the size of two slices base of my picture)

Came here for lunch as we were nearby. Place was relatively empty at 11am+.

Ordered Salted Fish Fried Rice($10), Butter Prok Rib($14), Hotplate Tofu($10) and Shrimp Paste Chicken($12).

Food came pretty fast. The fried rice came around 5 minutes after we ordered our food. The large portion was good for the 4 of us. The fried was not bad. Well seasoned but could use more salted fish.

Butter pork rib came next. Deep fried pork tossed with curry leaves and coated with sweet, savoury milk powder. It was good and the pork was tender. Worth trying.

The hotplate tofu comsisted of deep fried tofu cooked with egg and doused with minced meat sauce. Sauce was a little on the thick side but good seasoning. Tofu was silky. Overall it was okay.

Shrimp past chicken was the last to arrive and you could still hear the sizzle when it arrived on the table. Chicken was crispy but sadly did the shrimp paste was not prominent enough. Tasted like mildly seasoned chicken wing. *sob*

Overall not a bad place to eat zi char.

Came here for lunch after our walk.

I ordered the Hiyashi Soba with Truffle Shoyu ($12.90). Cold noodle topped with shredded cucumber, crabmeat, tamago, pork, cherry tomato and tobiko with truffle soy sauce at the side that tasted more like sesame dressing with a hint of truffle taste. Noodle was served at an optimum temperature and each element had a distinct taste. You could taste the sweet crabmeat, egg etc... and it all came together nicely with the savoury truffle soy sauce. Overall it was good.

Salmon Mentai Roll ($16) which is at the back of the photo. Salmon on topped of sushi rice wrapping a tempura and topped with a slightly spicy cod roe sauce before being blow torched. What you get is an umami flavoured sushi with silky smooth salmon and crunchy bits of tempura. Really good.

We also asked for the waitress recommendation of which she recommended the tontoro miso yaki, chicken skin skewer, chicken wing skewer and chicken ball skewer.

The tontoro miso yaki or miso-grilled pork cheek ($12). Pork could have been more flavourful and miso taste wasn't prominent so maybe that's why there's miso paste at the side. Quite disappointing

Chicken skin ($2.20) was crispy but lacked flavour.
Chicken wing skewer ($3.50) could have used more seasoning as it tasted quite mild.
Chicken ball skewers ($3.50) had bits of soft bones in it which was quite nice as it gave the ball some texture to bite on. Flavour wise also could use more seasoning or maybe they made it like that on purpose as it was topped with a savoury mentai sauce.

Overall this place do serve nice food but depending on what you order and from my experience, best not to ask for recommendations.

Had the regular beef bowl. Japanese rice wrapped with beef and topped with egg and a scoop of white sauce.

Rice was warm and drizzled with a savoury sauce. Beef was tender and good. Egg was perfectly cooked while white sauce tasted similar to a roasted sesame dressing. There were also bits of fried garlic(?) and coarse black pepper which made it more flavourful. Overall it was good and just the right portion for me.

Also ordered the tamago mentaiko ($3.90). Perfectly cooked egg roll drizzled with pink mentaiko sauce, lightly torched and topped with tobiko. Dish was served hot. Not bad but could use more of the yummy, savoury mentaiko sauce.

There's no gst here, only 10% service charge and payment can only be made with cash or thru paylah.

There's a 1-for-1 promo menu. $22.80++ for any two sets on that menu.

I had the tendon + chicken tempura set while my friend had the tendon + agedashi tofu set.

All set comes with salad and miso soup. Salad was cold, yummy and tossed with a refreshing citrus dressing. Miso soup was slightly on the salty side and is a shade darker than your usual miso soup but nonetheless yummy.

Tendon was good. Rice topped with deep fried battered cucumber, carrot, long bean, lotus root and prawn. Batter was crisp and not too oily. My set came with chicken which was fried beautifully. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. Agedashi tofu was slightly oily. Skin was chewy and tofu was silky.

We also ordered green tea which is refillable. Overall it was a good meal.

Create Your Own Swiss Meal ($14.90 for 1 main + 2 sides + 1 sauce).

I chose chicken cheese bratwurst, rosti (+$1), roasted potatoes and sour cream. My friend had smoked pork ceverlat (+$1), swiss egg pasta and baby spinach (+$1).

Chicken cheese bratwurst was good. Firm, well seasoned with bits of flowly cheese. Rosti was fabulous. Perfectly cooked, crispy edges and well seasoned. Roasted potatoes on the other hand could use more seasoning.
Smoked pork ceverlat was firm but would have been tastier if it was more seasoned. Swiss egg pasta was not to my liking. Tasted kinda like chicken powder egg noodle? And also it kinda lacked seasoning. Baby spinach was good. Came with cherry tomatoes and coated with a vinaigrette dressing.

Also we had the Iced Elderflower Tea ($1.50 U.P. $3). Really nice, my first time trying elderflower. Their tea had just the right amount of sweetness and some slightly peachy floral-y flavour.

Overall I would definitely come back here if I have cravings for rosti. Plus with the burpple 1-for-1 this meal cost only $20.90 for the two of us.

I LOVE rosti so I brought my friends to marche! (Also there's a 20% off and a 1-for-1 rosti promo at a certain timing ongoing right now)

Swiss Rosti with Gravlax Salmon.($8.90 + $10.90) The rosti was perfectly cooked. Golden brown and crispy on the outside. The unseasoned rosti paired well with the salty cured salmon. The salmon might be the priciest add-on but I have no regrets.

Unlike most tea shops, customizations of sweetness and ice is unavailable here.

Ordered the four season cheese tea. Tea tasted similar to those chinese tea served at chinese restaurant but sweetened just to my liking. Cheese foam on the other hand was....... not within my expectation. Honestly it tasted like sweetened dough mixture, without a hint of any cheese taste. (Imagine the taste of flour, water and sugar mix together and drinking it. Really bad.) My friend totally agreed with me.
Drinking the tea on it's own was fine but when mixed together it just tasted like drinking sweetened raw dough mixture. Truly not to my liking and also a waste of my money as I only drank a few sip. Luckily I used the burpple 1-for-1 so the damage wasn't that bad.

Also staff should be more knowledgeable about the drinks offered. Here's a small dialogue of what happened.
Me: Erm, what is this four season tea?
Employee: It's a type of tea.
Me: .......(Anything else that I don't know?)
Luckily another employee replied that it was a type of green tea. Anyway I ordered it as it was an item recommended on the menu. Afterwards..... regrets T.T
Maybe next time I'll stick to normal milk tea? IF there's a next time for here. Overall take my advice and skip the cheese tea.


Ordered the Caramel Milk Tea with 1 topping ($4.90)- Tea had a mild caramel taste. Totally not sweet which was good as I chose 0% sweetness. The white pearl were chewy, firm and sweet. Overall all was good except that the caramel could be more prominent.

I also ordered the mushroom combo, extra spicy + seaweed flavour ($3.90 + $0.50). [There are 6 flavours available; cheese, seaweed, spicy Mexico, garlic seafood, sour plum and ma la.] The mushroom was deep fried to perfection. Batter was light and crispy and taste was just nice, slightly spicy and umami. Overall really good.

Each set consists of a main, salad, soup, ebi mentaiyaki/ cold tofu and a drink.

The salad was good. It was served chilled and drizzled with roasted sesame sauce. Soup on the other hand tasted like chinese vegetables soup. The ebi mentaiyaki was my favourite among everything. Fresh, sweet with a slight charred taste that complimented well with the creamy savoury mentaiko sauce.

For my main I chose the Mentaiyaiki Tamago Kaisendon which consisted of cubed seafood on a bed of rice with slices of tamago drizzled with mentaiko sauce and a slice of seaweed. The seafood was not as firm as I prefer and was slightly mushy but temperature was chilled enough. Seafood was also lightly seasoned, luckily there was the wakame, ikura and tobiko. Mentaiyaki tamago on the other hand was good. Cold, sweet and savoury. Interestingly there are 4 ways to have your don; eat it on its own, mix it with chilli powder and mayonnaise, blend it with soup, or wrap the sashimi with their special cut nori seaweed.

Without using burpple this a la carte dish would cost $18.90.

So we arrived at the shop at around 10.30am and they were...... CLOSED or so the sign hanging on the door showed. Just a small error on their part.

Anyway I ordered the Messy Truffle Burger ($16)- beef, truffle sauce, cheese, fries. Beef was cooked slightly under and the truffle sauce tasted quite prominent on it own. However, when eaten together, the truffle taste was negligible. A friend of mine said it tasted like Mcdonald's cheese burger. A slightly better version of it.

Pulled Pork Burger ($10)- relish mayo, onions, smoked cheddar, fries. Had a prominent porky taste in a good way. Burger tasted good when eaten together. Separately the pork lacked seasoning, same with my beef patty.

Truffle Pasta ($14)- shimeji, shiitake, truffle cream, pecorino. Taste of truffle was present but not strong and somehow the sauce kinda lack salt in our opinion. Pasta was well cook though.

Overall a nice place to hang out during the hot sunny weather as it is air conditioned. There's also free flavoured water available which you can help yourself.