Got the Big Prawn Noodles, dry with beehoon and kway teow.

For the dry version they will toss the noodles in a chili oil sauce which was not bad but I do wish that it was more fragrant and savoury.

The soup was really good. Savoury and sweet with a strong prawn flavour. Prawns were fresh and of a good size.

Overall a really good bowl of prawn soup with prawns. Worth eating.

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Came here for lunch!

Got the Wagyu Pizza($32), Hamburg Set($23.80), Striploin Sando($52), Gyu Tongue, Chawamushi($5), Ebi Sando($28).

Wagyu pizza was good. Thinly slice waygu over a crispy base, topped with refreshing ginger flower and drizzled with truffle oil.

Hamburg Set was ok. The salad is your typical vegetable with some kewpie dressing. The meat was not bad. Moist, juicy and soft but wished it was crispy on the outside.

Striploin Sando was good. Perfectly cooked meat with some mustard in between two fluffy yet crispy bread.

Gyu Tongue was a little on the tough side.

Chawamushi was bad. Did not have any dashi taste. Tasted like your regular steamed egg that you can get from a cai fan stall. Totally not worth my $5.

Ebi Sando was not bad. Crispy prawn patty with tartar sauce that reminded me of McDonald's ebi burger.

Overall would recommend the beef but skip the other items.

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Got the Herbal Seafood Batang($8) and Sliced Batang Fish Soup($6) Add XO($0.50).

Herbal soup was not bad. Had a sweet herbal-y taste which became stronger nearing the end. There were prawns, meatball, fish and a tomato. Fish was not overly cooked. Meatball was not bad.

Sliced Batang Fish Soup with XO was ok. Not as nice as the herbal one but I like that there were cabbage, egg floss and ginger in it.

Overall not too bad.

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Sin Heng's Special Bak Koot Teh($10) a herbal soup that's sweet, savoury and slightly thick. It's comes with pork rib, mushroom, liver, black fungus, baby corn, tofu skin and lettuce.

Fuyong Omelette($9). A slightly salty egg with lapchung, onions and spring onion which goes well with rice.

You Tiao ($2.50). It was crispy hard. Soak it in the soup and it'll absorb the soup and soften up.

Chrysanthemum tea by the pot ($4). Comes already sweetened.

Overall not too bad. Service was quick.

A friend of mine brought me to try the bread here.

I got the MARBLE PRETZEL($2.90) which is a crispy puff pastry coated with white chocolate & topped with almond slices. It was good. Crispy, flaky and not too overly sweet.

KOUIGN-AMANN($2.60) a round crispy pastry with rich buttery taste. It wasn't as crispy and flaky as I wanted it to be.

PEANUT SHIO BUTTER PAN($2.20). Savoury soft bun with a crispy exterior filled with peanut butter paste. My first time trying it and it was like a dense and chewy bread which I don't really like.

Overall my favourite was the marble pretzel which leaned more towards a puff pastry than an actual pretzel.

Was feeling like having soup so I decided to try this shop. The shop also states that there's no msg.

Got the Herbal Chicken Soup and a bowl of rice which came to a total of $8.50.
The soup was really good. It had an Umami flavour to it, some dried seafood taste. It was also sweet and savoury enough. The chicken was tender as well. Sadly there wasn't any mushroom in the soup but there were ginko nut, lotus nut, red date, wolfberry, some herb and some algae seaweed. Rice was not bad. It was short grain rice.

The uncle at the shop was also quite friendly and speaks English.

Overall I really enjoyed the soup and would go back to try another again.

Got the Waffle Ice Cream with chocolate fudge ($8.80).

The waffle tasted weird. It had a plastic(?) taste to it. The ice cream is the regular ice cream that is served in the root beer float. Chocolate fudge was the only thing ok in the waffle. Hopefully someone will follow up with the quality of the food..

Ordered delivery for breakfast.

Chicken Sausage Croissan'wich with Egg Meal ($8.75).
A thin, flavourful but peppery chicken sausage topped with a slice of cheese in between a dense bread-like croissant with a well cooked egg omelette. Comes with tater tots which tasted a little spicy(?) Topped up for the iced Milo and it tasted a little diluted.

Pancake with Chicken Sausage Platter Meal ($9.80). Fluffy pancakes served with melted Lurpak butter and maple flavoured syrup. Served with the same chicken sausage as the Croissan'wich. Comes with tater tots as well. For the drink, the sprite was ok.

Came here for lunch with a friend of mine. We ordered some sides and mains.

Oriental Salad in Special Vinegar Dressing ($7.60). A popular chilled starter with julienne seaweed, bean sprouts, spicy bean curd & rice vermicelli, luxuriantly tossed in a light tangy dressing redolent of the fragrance of sesame oil. Salad was okay. Could be more chilled and flavours could be more pronounced.

Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao ($11.60). Fresh, juicy pork flling wrapped in a delicate dumpling skin with 18 exquisite folds. Fillings were good and did not have any strong porky-ness to it.

Noodle with Crispy Wanton in Spicy Sauce. This seemingly simple noodle dish delivers a layered & complex flavour with a hint of fragrance in the spicy sauce that complements the springy noodle. The noodles are definitely not kid friendly and can be a little too spicy for people with low chili tolerance. Wantons were of the hard crispy kind.

Fried Rice with Pork Chop ($17.16). Pearl rice, eggs, spring onions with special marinated pork chop. The rice was fragrant and the pork chop was tender.

Crispy Golden Prawn Pancake ($14.13). Featuring premium prawns wrapped in a delicate layer of bean curd skin and deep-fried to perfection. Tasty and well executed.

Overall not too bad. Service was fast as well. Didn't wait long for a seat or for food.

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Got the set lunch which comes with either a salad of garlic bread. Available daily from 11.30am-5pm. Also topped up $3.50 for iced lemon tea and soup of the day.

The soup came first. The soup was flavourful. Bits of mushrooms with hints of garlic(?). Loved it.
Lemon tea was ok. Didn't really had much lemon taste but I like that it wasn't too sweet.
Salad was ok. Lettuce wasn't really fresh. We wanted the garlic bread but it was unavailable.

Chicken Katsu Cheese Baked Rice ($10.80). Crispy well fried chicken on a bed of rice topped with cheese and drizzled with Japanese curry sauce. I like how in every bite there was enough cheese and curry.

Truffle Mushroom Grilled Chicken Cheese Baked Rice ($10.80). Grilled chicken was a little on the salty side but went well with the plain rice. Truffle taste was mild but present. I like that it came with broccoli, cauliflower and carrot. The cheese however was not as much as the chicken katsu baked rice. But I like how the meal was quite balanced with meat and veggies.

Sambal Prawn Fried Rice ($10.80). The prawns were spicy and tangy. It also had peas, Cucumber and onions in it. Fried rice was so so. Tasted like chicken powder fried rice. It also came with some lettuce and carrot.

Ordering and payment is made online by scanning the QR code pasted on the table.

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Mala Special Noodle. The noodles came with roasted pork, sausage and char siew. The egg was an additional item.

Noodles were a little on the soft side. Taste wise it was ok, had a slight numbness from the sauce. Roasted pork was ok. The skin was crispy. The sausages were soft and not bad. Char siew had a good char but was on the fatty side and could be more flavourful. Eggs were normal.

Overall not too bad.

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Got the Pandan Kaya Maru ($2.20) and Chocolate Fudge Maru ($2.30).

The batter of the Pandan Kaya had a strong, not so nice egg taste. The Pandan Kaya filing was sweet but could use a stronger Pandan taste. Didn't finish it at all as I dislike it.

Chocolate fudge was much better than the Pandan Kaya. The chocolate helped make the pancake more edible. The batter did not have a strong egg taste like the Pandan kaya. The sweetness of the chocolate was around a milk chocolate level.

Overall I wouldn't recommend their Maru.

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