second set meal we got was the 60 degrees chicken breast. if you think chicken breast is tough and the worst part of the chicken to eat, wheelerโ€™s yard will challenge that - the sous vide chicken is the most tender I have tasted so far, and the mashed potatoes laid below the meat with some lightly buttered corn by the side make this option for dinner both healthy and tasty. motivates even the laziest of us to eat well and be well:p

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as work becomes busier we have a little less time to head out for meals, but we have also become more discerning about which food places we love - wheelerโ€™s yard is one of them! :) the place has a great aesthetic, as well as good food quality. we got the burpple set meal, with our first pick being the porky bowl. perfectly steamed rice, with wonderfully glazed pork laid above + juicy egg to top it off. savoured every bite (Y)

fifth and last (but not the least dish) = iberico pork chop. WE LOVE PORK CHOP, so it is our go-to dish at most restaurants that we eat at, and this one did not disappoint. teppanyaki-style pork chop is indeed simple yet delicious, the meat was not overly tough and squeezing some lemon over it added just the right amount of zest the meat needed. definitely will order again.

fourth dish = lamb shank. again, I know lots of people may not eat lamb because it has a gamier taste as compared to other meats, but this dish did not have the usual gaminess of lamb, and had a melty quality - the simple salt and pepper + butter flavourings which the meat was cooked with complimented it well, and we found ourselves going for second and third bites. two thumbs up!

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third dish = crab croquettes! even if youโ€™re not a seafood fan, this is worth a try - the crab taste is subtle and not overpowering, and the creamy insides of the croquettes are to die for. best served and eaten warm :)

second dish we ordered = beef katsu. love how the chef managed to get a crispy katsu outside, but still retained a tender medium doneness for the meat inside. YUMS.

had a double date with our friends (and they were the ones who took the superb pics of our food) to celebrate my bfโ€™s birthday a second time (cause there can never be too much to celebrate) - it was our first time at a teppanyaki restaurant in singapore, it was quite an experience to watch our food being cooked in front of us! we ordered several dishes to share so the first one was the beef cubes ^^ tender, melt-in-the-mouth and seasoned with the perfect amount of salt and pepper. only wish the serving could have been bigger:p

bfโ€™s birthday only comes once a year and he deserves nothing but the best so we got a tomahawk steak to share @ CUT ๐Ÿ˜‹ tasty meat, done medium and flavourful even without any sauces. side recommendation to have any of the food you eat here with their signature cocktail, the rough love, which is a sweet (but strong) a gin-based beverage that goes with pretty much everything. the staff were also very attentive and gave us a very nicely put together birthday cake + card to top off the night :) wonderful and memorable experience, definitely the reason why we are repeat customers.

took some time out of our busy schedules to get a quick dinner together in the neighbourhood - enjoyed some cheesy goodness here with the chicken au gratin from iron supper club :) generous serving and a flavourful way to end the day together.

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such an unexpected find while at zhongshan mall with my bf - got an earl grey ice cream with sea salt brownie, the earl grey ice cream flavour was very floral and went well with the chocolatey fudge of the brownie. great dessert to have after dinner :) enjoyed every bite!

part II of garlic + pasta = winning combination was this lasagna. very nicely put together, each layer was full of flavour and every bite was rich. serving is quite large (for me at least as a girl ๐Ÿ˜‚) so if youโ€™re a small eater maybe share this, but otherwise if you have a big appetite, this is worth fully savouring on your own.

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my bf and I are super big garlic fans so weโ€™ll keep it simple - garlic + pasta = winning combination ๐Ÿ˜Š great service by the staff too, they made it a point to serve the mains together so that one person wonโ€™t be eating while the other waits.