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Mouthwatering Nyonya food at home! @shootandspoon was quite enigmatic when I probe her for some clues about our #eatsharelovesg meal. Little did I know to expect a Peranakan Dinner feast from @fatbellysg, and they have a 3rd generation Peranakan chef at helm! The special Peranakan Family Dinner Set Menu ($55/2 pax or $98/4 pax) changes every week. My dinner consist of: • Lemak Ayam Chilli Merah (stewed chicken in rich coconut gravy) • Sambal Udang Petai (prawns and stink beans sautéed in spicy homemade fried shrimp sambal) • Ikan Penyet (smashed fried pomfret!) • Nonya Chap Chye (braised cabbage with beancurd skin, mushrooms and black fungus) • Bubur Hitam (black glutinous rice dessert) • Chef's Special Sambal Belacan steamed rice Fat Belly Address: 10 Jalan Serene, Unit 01-04, Singapore 258748 #fatbellysg #sgunited #stayhomeforsg #savefnbsg #burpple
So good! Fat Belly has impeccable service and a stylish, intimate setting. We ate our food at the bar, an appropriate distance away from each other for the purposes of social distancing. The food came quickly and was DELICIOUS. Our sides came first. The creamed kale was my partner’s favourite and mine was the pomme puree. The pomme puree in particular was a smooth, buttery, perfect side for the tender, juicy and flavourful steaks (we had the Deckle and Denver) that was our main course. The cheesecake we had for dessert was also impeccable. It melted in the mouth and had the perfect touch of sweetness. I absolutely would love to come here again.
Tessa Aneet
Delicious Food! The steaks we had here were excellent. The cuts were of great quality (I personally preferred the tenderness of the Deckle) and they were cooked to textbook perfection. We wanted to try something different, so we opted for the Creamed Kale and Pomme Puree instead of the Truffle Fries. Both were great but I enjoyed the kale more because it nicely soaked up the sauce while still retaining its crunchiness. The burnt cheesecake we shared for dessert was also delicious, and we felt the berries and honey were a nice touch to compliment the rich creaminess of the cake. All in all, a great meal. Highly recommended.
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My First Impossible Once you get past the strong fermented scent, digging into the Impossible Burger at Stamford Brasserie was a pleasant surprise. Strangely does taste like real meat! Unfortunately, it didn’t wow me enough to justify the price that impossible meats are normally tagged with.
An Ning
an underwhelming experience I had visited TSB once before and quite enjoyed my meal then, so this was disappointing in comparison. We shared the TSB burger ($26++) which was highly rated but we found the “wagyu” patty dry, crumbly and cold. We actually enjoyed the brioche pepper bun more. Our other item was the roasted baby chicken ($22++), which fared better. While not flavourful, the chicken was at least moist and tender. We enjoyed the grilled brussel sprouts and garlic mashed potato - these gave flavour that the chicken was otherwise lacking. Service left much to be desired as it was difficult to get hold of the servers for simple things like water and the bill. Hoping that TSB will perform better on the next visit!
Impossible Burger I am a Yellowcarnivore because I generally love my meat and lack an affinity with most vegetables (opps). Having said that, I have been curious to try The Impossible Burger for the longest time ever because of the amazing reviews online. I finally tried The Impossible Burger ($23) at The Stamford Brasserie and I can only say that the reviews are true: how can a plant-based patty tastes so much like a legit medium-seared beef patty😱! The patty is juicy and flavourful - a little on the salty side but not that I mind given my salty tooth. I guess the unsalted chips at the side balanced it out:P The delicious patty goes well with melted cheese, pickles, tomato and Brioche Pepper bun - didn’t expect it to be this good:)!
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