Tangy yet still creamy and sweet. Slight refreshing taste of mint. Definitely worth the hype! I will be back to try more flavours

Pasta was great. Lamb was great. Just overall a bit more one dimensional so I definitely prefer the pizza. A bit more on the oily side.

The pizza is definitely the highlight. Saucy filings with chewy dough. The slightly bitter charred bits gave it a very rustic taste. And don’t forget to ask for chilli oil it’s mind blowing

Crispy batter and chewy squid. Might get a little oily after a while.

The portion is so huge! Super worth it for the price. I personally don’t like the waffles but chicken was crispy and well seasoned. The scrambled egg gave a perfect buttery kick as well!

Brisket was amazing, tender and full of beefy flavour. Pastrami burnt ends was like a beef jerky but melt in your mouth. Other than that, the rest of the platter was quite forgettable. Definitely on the expensive side. (Im not salty the food IS SALTY)

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Super cute cafe but limited seat so probably needs to wait if you wanna go after dinner. The shaved ice was around 15 bux, which was a little more on the expensive side. Not very special but if you are around the area and just want a place to chill with your friends why not?

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Ultra smooth velvety uni on top of supple and plump scallop, what else can a person ask for?!?

Sour soba??? Hmm it’s much more refreshing and savoury than I thought it would be. However I was waiting for 30 mins for this dish and to be honest? Not going to come back probably. Everyone was nice but the food is just normal.

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Fluffy and stretchy cheese. But nothing really special about this. Just good croquette

It’s really just thai style tofu with chicken floss

Huge ribs! Sauce is between salted egg, butter and condensed milk! Definitely on the sweeter side so those who enjoy sweet sauce will love this