Grilled chicken was a little sweet but perfect with the garlic chilli

Surprisingly light and fluffy. Mango flavour not as strong but overall a good dessert (if prices are less steep)

The chicken is tender and flavourful, it’s like Poulet but more affordable! It was also my first time trying the garlic confit which is delicious (garlic but make it potato). Apart from that the sautéed mushroom and cherry tomatoes was a tad too sweet for my liking

Smoked brisket was so soft and so fat and so jelat without the mustard I would have passed out on the spot because of instant CHOLESTEROL SPIKE.

I got all the recommended items(scrambled eggs, tomato salsa) and they did not disappoint. One of the few healthy bowl places that serve cauliflower rice and I was more than happy to try it out! Falafel a bit too soft though imo

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They didn’t have the labneh so I opted for Garlic Aoli sauce instead. Turned out to be amazing! A little pricey but I guess it’s as full as a meal so Im okay

Homemade taste and affordable. Will be back

The takoyaki gyoza is genius! So creamy and savoury and the flavour of bonito flakes went so well with the pork filling!

Taste exactly how you would imagine it. But less salty and savoury.

Personally prefer Gen 1 as the Unagi taste makes it more salty and flavourful! Gen 2 was a little bland but more texture. So really up to you

Wow! That amount of mentaiko mayo! Perfect salty when torched.